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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
So, did watch the Serenity commentary last night. Shed light ALL over the place. YAY for Joss. AND Nathan. OMGSOSOFUNNY. And informative. But so funny. Was CRACKING up for two hours. I have to watch them again later because.... XD is really the only way to describe it.

...as for light being shed, I totally MISSED the scene when Jayne was crouched by the window to the infirmary when Simon was operating on Kaylee, rocking himself back and forth and looking all worried. HOLY CRAP! And Laurie put the speculation that Jayne liked Kaylee in my head, well, Joss confirmed it. He LITERALLY said 'Jayne has a crush on Kaylee.' and I was like 'O___O! LAURIE WAS RIGHT!'

That also like, adds more depth to Jayne's dislike if Simon for me. I mean, obviously he doesn't like him because of his upbringing and his 'haughty air' but he also doesn't like him because Kaylee was so taken with the Doc, when Jayne obviously never would have gotten anywhere.

...And I'm now flashing to the moment in 'The Message' when Jayne and Zoe were circling Tracey while Mal was at the front, and as soon as Tracey had been distracted by the noise Jayne made and Mal shot him, Kaylee ran for it, and Jayne was right there stepping in front of her with the big gun and the *Dooooom* look.

..Obviously, Simon/Kaylee will ALWAYS be my OTP, but the Unrequited thing always makes me a little giddy. Just because I can now think of something to write for the fanfic challenge over at ff_friday

....Whether I can get it done in time to make deadline is another story completely. I can try though.

...Now I should go get food and get to work on those bricks. *Siiiigh*