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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
SO, I'm bored.

You know what I did? Looked up Firefly Fanfic on Fanfic.net.

.....*SHUDDER* For every GOOD fanfic a page, there were like FIVE Jayne/River fics. I FEAR for the future of the Firefly fandom, really I do.

Laurie's already gotten Ranted at about this. I may rant about it when I don't have a headache.


Okay, edited bg for the layout. It's still all rainbowey, but there's Kaylee-ness in it now.

Anyone who owns the DVDs of Firefly, if you haven't watched the commentaries on the episodes that have them WATCH THEM. They are HI-Larious. I was in tears during the commentary in 'The Message.' I'm going to watch 'Serenity' commentary tonight, I think. Joss and Nathan, that'll be a RIOT. XD

Um... let's see....

I said I was bored, yes? Okay, good.

I wish Carla was on her AIM. I want to bug her for some Ron/Hermione moment. Maybe I'll just post in the OOC community.

...I haven't gotten to RP like, all week. Going crazy a bit. So much RP lag. @____@

I have to clean the bricks tomorrow. What the fudge? I... don't know what crack my dad is smoking.

Going to wait til midnight see if anything happens. Then I go watch Firefly. Mmmm.. Firefly.

...*Has to upload new icons too* Oooh. I posted more icons to herbskillz, by the by.

.....This post ends with this thing I stole from Neo's journal! *Muahahaha*

Three Names You Are Known by:

Three Names of Your Closest [IRL]Friends:

Three Names of Your Closest [Net]Friends:

Three Favorite Movies/Shows:
2.)Lord of the Rings
3.)Pirates of the Caribbean

Three Favorite Games:
1.)Final Fantasy X-2
2.)Final Fantasy IX

Three Favorite Anime/Mangas:
1.)Fruits Basket
2.)Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Three Things You Enjoy Doing:
1.)Role Playing
3.)Watching Firefly [>=D!)

Three Things You Hate:
1.)Waking up early
2.)Being bored
3.)Rap music

Three Places You Would Like to Visit:
1.)PERSEPHONE! (..Oh wait. REAL places? China then. I guess.)
2.)England (..Even though I've already been there, I'd like to go again. =D)
3.)Japan (..Ditto the England.)

Three Things To Do in Order to Fullfill Your Life:
1.)Go to college in Michigan
2.)Go back to Scotland
3.)Watch Firefly Movie once a week once it comes out in the theatre.

Three Possibilities for Your Future:
1.)3-D technician-type on movies
2.)3-D Programmer for Video games
3.)Writer for a fun magazine like PSM

Three Last Words of Wisdom:

.....Have I been as hopelessly obsessed with other things, or is Firefly just special like that?