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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Raina talks to the Twins.
five more seconds;

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/21/2004 4:21:42 PM)

Raina was away from the circus this afternoon, not down by the river, or with
Issac in the city, but sort of halfway in-between. Heading to the encampment of
the woman named Lyuba. She'd met her briefly, but
with Fred breathing over her shoulder hadn't been able to talk to the two Tarot that had appeared as freely as she would've liked, so,
she'd go find them. To talk. After all, it wasn't like
she didn't have a voice of her own. To just sit in the circus waiting for her
visits from Issac, or for him to lead her around by the hand was silly. She had
her own wings to spread, and she'd see more people if she sought them out.

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/21/2004 4:30:43 PM)

The path to the encampment is easily found and well used. There is the voice of
children the closer she comes, and perhaps two additional and familiar voices
that aren't children's... but they blend in quite well. And the clapping game
must be familiar too, because who else could spend hours playing clapping games
without the other tiring?

The twins have been... well, as happy as they can be without being back at
the circus. And they've admitted they miss it, but it was time for them to go,
and with all the hullabaloo concerning the Inquisiton, well... they can't be in a good mood. And if
there's anyone willing to point them out and say they were part of it all,
really, it's just not something they want to risk for themselves, the Tarot, or
the circus.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/21/2004 4:37:08 PM)

Raina couldn't distinguish much outside the children's laughter and the sound
of cheer before she got within sight of the encampment, and some bit closer
before she recognised the identical girls playing
their hand clapping games. She laughed a little, and continued walking, calling
and raising her arm in greeting when she was a bit closer.

"Lisa! Maria!"

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/21/2004 4:45:21 PM)

As their names are called, their heads raised- predictably, Lisa's hair up and
Maria's down, but the smiles are the same and even the way they both move to
stand is like watching living reflections (though, which is the reflection and
which the reality is hard to say).

"Hullo Raina!" says Lisa with a pleased grin.

"What on earth are you doing out and about?" Maria asks, almost
seeming to look behind her.

The two girls came up to Raina, kissing her cheeks in greeting. "Lyuba's out at the moment," Maria adds, and Lisa nods.
"Gone to feed Dakirea if I'm not mistaken,"
Lisa says. "Feed someone, anyways," Maria laughs. She smiles and
seems to hesitate before asking, "so, how is
everyone?" Lisa nods. "How are you? You look cheerful."
"Like a certain someone else we know?" "Oh, very much like a
certain someone else we know." The two grin teasingly.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/21/2004 4:52:56 PM)

"Just thought I'd stop by." She smiled, and managed to get a hug off
of both before they set into the teasing, and her cheeks flushed, although she
smiled warmly, crossing her arms loosly in front of

"Everyone is well, they miss you. And are a little
put off by your quick exit."
Well, Verne was still moping, as far as
she knew. She hadn't seen him much.

"..And I'm well too. Very happy." She
paused, and then laughed. "How about you two then?"

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/21/2004 5:08:16 PM)

The two chuckle nervously. "Ah, yes, well..." Lisa says, rubbing her
neck. "Some knew, anyways," Maria says, a bit more softly, still
sheepish but a little sad as well. "And we had to leave. We left a note
for Harper to tell everyone," Lisa adds.

Maria shrugs some and smiles. "So, Tarot are
you? We're not as good at spotting that as Issac is," she admits.

"And to think, we've been working together for years. Funny, isn't
it?" Lisa says with a chuckle.

"We might head back for a visit soon," Maria says, though Lisa
gives her a look. "Just a short one. Depends how
things continue to work themselves out."

The two smile again though. "Good to hear... that you're happy, and
that Issac's happy. Goodness knows the man's under enough stress," Lisa
says with a bit of a sigh.

"Just by being himself," Maria adds,
almost regretfully. "We all do what we can, but there are some of us that
are just meant to be pains in his side."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/22/2004 2:02:21 AM)

Raina smiled a little. "..Well, I suppose it wouldn't be easy to tell. I
couldn't have been more than a year old when I was passed over to my family in
Sorry. I don't have any Tarot memories. I don't think." She'd never really
thought about it. She shrugged, and smiled.

"Everyone would love to see you again, if you were able to stop
by." She caught the look Lisa gave Maria, she wasn't going to drop anyone

Then her smile fades slightly, she was aware of Issac's constant stress. She
made it easier for him whenever she could, but she couldn't be around all the
time to remind him that the entire world didn't rest on his shoulders. She
frowned a little, tilting her head to the side.

"..What do you mean 'meant to be pains in his side?'"

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/22/2004 2:18:53 AM)

Lisa and Maria smile, though for Maria it seems a little more strained before
it clears, something obviously pushed to the backburner.

"Well... some Tarot are a lot more...
decided," Maria says, making a little round-the-world gesture with a

"They have a decided fate," Lisa says, nodding. "Major
and Minor Arcana.
According to whatever card they are, they must and
usually can do nothing else but adhere to the card they represent. It's like an
extreme case of personality," she says with a grin.

"Some of these Arcana are just meant to cause someone like Issac all
the strife in the world," Maria adds, grinning sheepishly.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/22/2004 2:26:04 AM)

"Oh." She lifts her head slightly, before nodding once. She doesn't
know Issac is part of the Major Arcana. She's not even aware that there are a
few things he's kept from her regarding that. She really just thought it was in
his nature to worry about his people as a whole. Wasn't it in everyone's nature
to worry for those they cared about?

She smiled a little again, looking at both girls in turn.

"...Just so long as they don't make him too crazy?"

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/22/2004 2:34:10 AM)

Sensing that Issac may not have told her as much, they avoid likewise telling
her of Issac's position in the world of Arcana. It's up to him to tell her,
after all. "And with Issac's worriesome nature,
it's just not a good mix... but it works out one way or another in the end.
Now, take Davin- have you met him yet?" Lisa asks, pointing to a young man in ragged and well-worn
clothes with a hat tipped over his face stretched out on some of the wagon
steps, presumably sleeping.

"He's like Lady Luck herself. Does whatever he feels like and favours no one and will as soon bite you as kiss you. Not
that I've seen him do either yet," Maria says, grinning a little.
"He's a reckless sort and it drives Issac MAD. We all fall under an arcana sooner or later,
but a lot of us don't know which Arcana is which."

"They don't make a big fuss out of it," Lisa says with a shrug and

"Well, we'll do our best to help Issac out, though I can't say we'll
always see eye-to-eye. But always keep your times of joy as just that- times of
joy. Don't taint them with thoughts of what was or will be," Maria says.
To this Lisa nods. "Past and future have their own time. Leave the present
alone. That's our motto and we do our best to live by it," Lisa says,

Maria chuckles nervously. "Though, we don't always succeed.."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/22/2004 2:53:58 AM)

Raina glanced over at Davin, tilted her head slightly
before looking back at the twins. "Issac told me about Davin.
Can't say as I've met him yet." She smiled a
little, tightening her arms around herself.

"...It's a good standard." She shrugged her shoulders. "Keep
happiness in the here and now." The few things they did have to be happy

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/22/2004 3:12:58 AM)

The twins nod, grinning identical lopsided grins. "With the way he sleeps
all day, I'll be surprised if you ever meet him," Maria says, Lisa shaking
her head in amusement.

"Well! Everything is settled down ever so slightly... we hear snippets
of what goes on in town, but we ourselves don't go out very much. More than
enough to do here, really," Lisa says, truthfully enough. "Washing,
baking, cooking, babysitting... it's a different lifestyle, but not so awful.
Not SO different."

"But it doesn't compare to the circus," Maria says, chuckling a
little. "We even miss Harper. Though, we always
did get along well with him... better than most."

Lisa stretches her arms over her head and further back even, before rotating
her arms all the way back without even a crack, releasing her hands as they
press against her lower back. "I miss Fred being a jerk... and Caerius' yelling... and Vadira
prancing about, and Balasuo stealing my food. Yes,
we'll have to visit soon," she says, decided.

"Yeah. It's hard to think how much I miss
sitting around and just listening to everyone talk... Verne rehearsing, Fred
telling Balasuo off, Phyll
telling Fred off, Fred telling Phyll off, Lance
looking for places to hide, Harper being crazy... it's too quiet here,"
Maria says. Amidst a group of screaming and running kids.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/22/2004 3:22:54 AM)

Raina laughed, turning her head slightly to look off, away from the girls.

"There is rarely a dull moment in the circus, isn't there?" Her
smile faded slightly, and she pressed her lips into a line. "I'll miss it
when I'm gone, too, I suppose."

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/22/2004 3:25:38 AM)

"Oh?" Maria asks, blinking.

"You're leaving?" Lisa adds. "When?"

The girls don't need to look to one another to share a glance, it already
being clearly reflected on both their faces.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/22/2004 3:30:59 AM)

"..I don't know yet." The corner of her mouth twitched slightly, and
she tilted her head downwards.

"I already talked to Harper about it, but there aren't any dates set in

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/22/2004 3:32:39 AM)

"Just time to move on?" Maria asks, taking
one of Raina's hands, a habit of the sisters, proven by the way Lisa soon takes
the other. "Other something else?" Lisa
asks, tilting her head slightly. "You've not gone angering Inquisitors,
have you?" she asks, smiling slightly.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/22/2004 3:41:41 AM)

Raina held back a laugh, smiling slightly instead, and shaking her head.
"No, I haven't angered anyone." She looked up at the two girls,
vaguely amused.

"Time to move on, or stay here." her smile grew a little wider.
"My mother grew up here in En Passant, that much
I know. I want to know more about the Tarot and..." Her smile softened
again. "It's easier to love someone if you're in the same place as

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/22/2004 3:50:47 AM)

They both chuckle. Here there is a marked difference in the two- to Raina's statement, Lisa finds some vague amusement, but nothing that
ties any meaning to the statement. For Maria, it's
more than funny and she nods a little. "True
enough," Maria says with a smile, perhaps, perhaps not forced.

"This is the best place for all that, I think. Given that Issac does
keep his business here," Lisa says, "and there are a good many Tarot here in En Passant who could answer all your
questions. Or most, anyways," Lisa smiles.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/22/2004 4:01:44 AM)

Raina smiled, and nodded. "That's what I'm hoping. Thank you." She
wouldn't be settling down in En Passant straight away after the trouble with
the Inquisition blew over, Issac had promised her a
trip to Sorry to visit her parents. After that, though, this was where she
wanted her home to be. She was confidant in that, and found it a comforting

She smiled warmly at the twins, tilting her head. "What about you two, then? What are you planning to do
now, that you've left the circus?"

Lisa and Maria Mattias (Myfanwy)

(6/22/2004 4:15:36 AM)

"Dunno," Lisa says with a smile and shrug.
"Wander on our own, I suppose. We promised Harper we'd come back every now
and then as special guests," she says, chuckling. Maria nods a little.
"That's about it... nothing solid, but then, not many Tarot
are like that," Maria smiles.

"Now, have you had anything to eat? I'm sure there's something here,
even if you have. Come on, we'll wait for Lyuba with
you. I'm sure she'd be glad to see you again," Lisa says, and the twins
more or less tote Raina off in the direction of the campfire.


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