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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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(no subject)
So I've been making icons of Chris on request of Brit, and I noticed something.

now, the facial meshes are really similar, to the point where I'd assume they probably used the same basic skeleton for the characters. Honestly, doesn't surprise me. It cuts corners, and it's a little cheap, sure, but when you're making games time is money.

What DOES surprise me, is that it's kind of obvious that they used the same mesh. I mean. the facial shape is fairly similar, the striking thing being the nose and the brows. Then of course there's the stub but that's not so much a mesh thing than it is a skin thing.

SO clearly the next Resident Evil game is getting tied into Devil May Cry. Where it is revealed that the Redfields are, in fact, descendants of Sparda. (which explains Chris's epic fail and the overall Redfield Effect that follows the siblings wherever they go.)

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LOL Your tags for this entry are made of TOTAL win.

Resident May Cry is probably my favorite, because it makes me think of some really hardcore apartment rental procedure.

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