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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Raina and Harper have a chat
five more seconds;

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:00:11 AM)

It wasn't like she was avoiding Harper on purpose, persay.
It just kind of happened. Between Issac and practice
and performance, there really hadn't been time to go and seek out the Circusmaster and have a proper chat with him.

But, time has presented itself, and after the conversation with Vadira, she decided it was best she didn't put it off any

So, this is why she's approaching his place of residence in the campground,
looking around to see where he could be.

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 1:07:49 AM)

*The door of his wagon stood open, letting the breeze in. He leans back on a
bench built into the side of the gypsy wagon, his eyes closed. He
looked....sunken. A wall cut the wagon inhalf. Making
one half an office of sorts, and when needed, somewhere for extra's to sleep.
At the moment a table stood, one side hinged to the wall infornt
of him. Parchment lay on the table with several quills and an inkwell. Laying
down on the job? He seemed to be sleeping, his eyes, shadowed under his brows,
looking deeper set then they really were. Weather or not a board creeked, or she made sound when she walked, he spoke when
she peeked into the door.* Come in Raina. *He didnt move from his "slumbering" place. But he
smiles softly.*

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:11:49 AM)

Raina entered slowly, a light frown fluttering across
her features.

"..Sorry. I didn't mean to...wake you? I could come back later if you'd
rather..." She half turned back to the door. If he was resting she hardly
wanted to interrupt that, which how tired he often

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 1:19:55 AM)

*He opens his eyes and sits up, dispite his sunken
look and the bags under his eyes, his smile and soft grey-blue eyes where
always arm.* I wasnt sleeping Raina...
please come in. *he turns to the side and motions to the bench beside him*
please, sit down.


Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:25:45 AM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 9, for a total of 9

Hi Mihr!!!!


Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:27:49 AM)

Raina smiled briefly, making the rest of her way in
and sat down on the bench.

"..Ah. How have you been?" So, jumping directly to the point isn't
exactly Raina's forte.

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 1:31:26 AM)

*He clasps his hands in his lap, his fingers lightly laced togather.
He smiles softly, tiredness making the lines at the corner of his mouth deeper,
making him look so much older.* Im well enough. And you? *he arches an eyebrow, concern seeping into his

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:34:55 AM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 25, for a total of 25

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:36:10 AM)

"I'm....Good." Raina sighed, her eyes
dropping to her hands which she clasped over her knees.

"..I have some things I need to talk to you about, actually."

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 1:40:55 AM)

*He chuckles softly.* I asumed as much, Raina. *he stands slowly, careful not to startled
her. He moves and closes the door to give her privacy. He sits down once more
and smiles at her... reaching out slowly to gently touch her hands, jsut a touch of friendly suport,
nothing more.* Please, speak freely.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:41:44 AM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 30, for a total of 30

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:45:14 AM)

Raina smiled a flickering sort of smile, and
continued to stare at her hands.

"..I... don't know what you have or haven't heard..
about me and Issac
Meridian... And me finding out where my parents... or mother, at least.. were from?" She looked up
then, quickly, but watching his face for any sort of reactions.

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 1:48:21 AM)

*His brows furrow slightly, frowning....Issac, how? Issac haddnt said
anything....though....what little time he'd had with Issac
since....meetings...had been fulled with urgent thigns and none to little hystarics
on his own part. He shakes his head slowly.* No... I havent
heard anything...*his eyes flick over her face, slowly puting
the peices togather.* Does Issac know your parents?

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:49:07 AM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 20, for a total of 20

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 1:57:20 AM)

"Ah...no. Not exactly." Raina's
gaze returned to her hands again. "..Although, I showed him this.." This had happened what... three weeks ago? It
didn't seem that short a time had passed. She felt like time had stretched,
almost. Unclasping her hands she pulled the leather thong around her neck out
from beneath her shirt where she usually wore it, and held the flat circular
pendant in the palm of her hand.

"....Issac told me that this was a common
pendant that many Tarot girls in En Passant wore. My mother left this when she
died, and after Issac did some sort of... magic-thing.. Test of some sort.." She
frowned briefly, she hadn't been sure what he'd done.

"..Well. I'm Tarot. He figured out."

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 2:09:10 AM)

*He frowns, almost offended that he hadnt figured it
out...it was his duty to protect the Tarot of the Circus and here she was right
under his nose and he didnt know...he swallows his
pride and looks down at the pendant, his voice stayed very soft.* I apologise, Raina, I should have
figured it out long before now....*his eyes flick up to her, there was more, he
knew it, but he wouldnt pull it out of her. He'd wait
for it. He smiles softly, reaching up to gently touch her cheek more like a
father might.* Do the other Tarot know? *he laughs softly* or do you know of
the other Tarot here, in the circus i mean...?

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 2:11:05 AM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 19, for a total of 19

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 2:14:39 AM)

Raina smiled again, and nodded.

"Yes. Mostly everyone knows about it...among other things." As if
increased visits of one particular man to one particular woman were more than
just 'Tarot Followups.' Really now.

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 2:17:02 AM)

*he blinks...he must be slacking....way to much. He tilts his head to the side
and frowns* Other things? *he sits back, trying very
hard not to look hurt*

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 2:19:19 AM)

Raina's cheeks turn a light shade of pink, and she
starts playing with a fold in her skirt, eyes very intent on her hands.

"..Well." She cleared her throat slightly. "..I've kind of
been... seeing him. Issac, I mean."

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 2:28:53 AM)

*He jerks back slightly...blinking.....yes....definately
out of the loop...he clears his throat* I see.... um...well....I know it doesnt mean much..but...I....approve...if
thats the right thing to say at a moment like this...
*he chuckles softly...yeah..good
old shoe leather.* He's a good man.... *He remebers
something and frowns alittle, his voice drops softly*
Will you leave us then?

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 2:38:32 AM)

Well, there it was then. Raina sighed and worried her
lip for a moment.

"...I think... Yes." She didn't look up, her eyes focused on her
hands. "Once everything between the Tarot and the Inquisitors are
settled... I'll probably stay in En Passant." Which was
a slightly vague answer.

"...I guess, my path is taking me away from
the Circus. Although, I'll stay until everything is settled. There doesn't seem
to be any hurry for me to leave, yet."

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 2:45:20 AM)

*he nods and leans back against the bench, his arms crossed loosely.* I should
be angry at Issac for giving you reson
to leave us.... *he was joking, evident by his tone, inplying
only the contents of her vague answer. He rubs his forhead
and nods.* Dont worry Raina,
I will release you from your contract whenever you ask. And just as I told the
Twins, I shall miss you, and i will not hide the pain
of loosing a Tarot so new to my flock. *his voice was soft, ment
to welcome her in her time remaining rather then make her feel guilty.* If you
ever need help Raina....you can come to me. *his
voice turned slightly serouse* Anything...
*he tilts his head to better look at her face, tyring
to meet her eyes.* You understand me? *he lifts his head and smiles, the humor
coming back to his words* I should be offended if you dont.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 2:53:35 AM)

Raina nodded, lifting her head slightly and looking
at him again.

"I understand." She smiled a little. "And thank you
for understanding. I didn't intend for this to happen. But it has, and I'm glad
it did. I do love him. That's just about the only thing I'm sure of right

Harper Devakin (Natasha)

(6/12/2004 2:56:35 AM)

*he smiles and pats her shoulder gently* Just make sure I get an invatation if it ever gets to the point of a wedding... *he
chuckles softly* Im just glad your happy.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/12/2004 3:01:18 AM)

There was the burning in her cheeks again, but she managed to nod and smile.

"..Right. I will." She cleared her
throat, and looked to the door.

"..I think that's everything then. I should...leave you to business? Practice, and all that." She didn't have much intention
of practice, at the moment, however.