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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Raina and Vadira have chat
five more seconds;

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/10/2004 2:00:54 PM)

It was the point in the afternoon when everything felt a little lazy. The sun
was just at that point in the sky that made everything relaxed almost.

Raina could hear the sounds of the Circus behind her, as she sat a ways
away, down close to the river that ran past. Her hair was pinned back, as
usual, and her hands were braced behind her as she stared down at the water as
it moved past.

She'd practiced earlier in the morning, and would again before performance,
but she'd sit here for now, thinking and wondering if Issac would come to call
this day as he sometimes did.

It was a good reading spot, and if she knew how to read or could afford
herself a book, that would be what she would have been doing, most certainly,
but as it was she could do neither of those things, so she was just watching
the water, listening to the sounds of people from the circus and the quieter
sounds of summer afternoon.

Vadira (Mihrage)

Her light steps, her movements
even upon the ground was
much as if she were high upon the sky.. Her
poise was such that it was trained elegance. Her shoulders kept just so, her
neck extended in a way, ease in her movements which made her very simply a
seductive woman. Without even trying, she held that presence.. so, perhaps, it was no true surprise that she cultivated
another salary besides the performances for the circus.. But, it was all done
through Harper-- forty platinelos for a single night.
Many safeguards were taken to protect the high price of her time.. But, the
time for herself.. was time for herself.

Coming upon Raina, the aerialist smiled, "Enjoying the day?" She
asked, her eyes glinting mirthfully in the sunlight before taking a seat upon
the waters edge, her feet dangling into the stream of the river.. The cold
water flowing in a rush over her skin before she placed her hands behind her
back and reclined in a moment of peace.

"Words upon the wind says you caught the
attention of someone to love, and to be loved by.." She says, turning the
emerald eyes upon Raina, the smile full of warmth and friendship, "My
deepest congradulations on that accomplishment,


Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/10/2004 2:29:57 PM)

Raina looked up as Vadira spoke, and smiled a little
to the older woman, nodding.

"..Yes. It's lovely." She returned to looking at the water as Vadira seated herself, and when the woman spoke again, she
blushed lightly, eyes closing for a moment. It wasn't like she or Issac were keeping
their relationship hidden, but she had been naive enough to think that no one
would notice. And as many times as people proved her wrong, she was still
surprised by how many people knew. It was possible that happier news was taken
wherever it was given in less-than-happy times.

Yes...Thank you." She looked over to Vadira and
smiled a little.

Vadira (Mihrage)


Fortunate girl.. Vadira
found herself void of such base thought of jealousy..
For she truly never felt jealousy or envy, she felt a personal loss in her own
life and thoughts-- But, it was not the same. For she was happy for those who
could attain such things that she would never hold within her hands. Such
inexplicable joy could be extended forth to such.. To Raina.. Even to Jessie..
Because she was glad for their happiness.

The smile that settled upon her full and painted lips after a short and soft
laugh, "Oh Raina.. You need not restrain yourself.. Need not restrain your
heart. Be joyous in it.." A pause, her eyes dropping for a moment before
the startling green eyes land upon Raina once more, "It is a gift, gifts
are never meant to be pressed aside."


Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/10/2004 3:02:16 PM)

Raina sighed. 'I'm just still not sure what to make of it." She smiled
briefly, and looked again down at the water. "I didn't think En Passant
would be different from anywhere else, that I wouldn't
find anything about my parents...but, I did. And I found him too." She
smiled warmly, almost dreamily. Thinking about it centered her, and gave her a
peace of mind that only fire had brought to her before.

"..Although, I'm not sure where this puts me when the circus moves on.
I haven't yet spoken to Harper about...anything."

Vadira (Mihrage)

(6/10/2004 3:19:07 PM)

"You see this river, Raina?" She questions, lifting her foot just
enough so the tip of her toes break against the rush of the river, "Do you
think it knows itself where it is going?.. It doesn't, Raina.." She paused
briefly, "It moves along its way, but all rivers eventually meet the sea.
There's a destiny to it.."

A pause as she nods her head, "And the destiny is
something which the river should not fight, nor should it question..
will only happen. All the river can do, is be a river.."

She paused, looking back to Raina, smiling ever so.. the
usage of natural allegory was Vadira's way of making
a point many times.. It was the Tarot within her, always inside the wilderness,
always comfortable in the worlds of nature. It was this, way in which she was
talking to Raina.

But then her brow lowers slightly and she leans further back, now upon her
elbows as they braced her body, "Harper worries. He feels his fears so
strongly.. Yet, there is only one person who can do anything about it, and that
is Harper, himself.. Raina. You must do what you need to do.." A break
before she smiled, "But by the spread, do let us all know about it when
the time comes.." she stated, in memory of how the twins had made their
departure without a full announcement.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/10/2004 3:32:15 PM)

Raina nodded slowly, understanding. She needed to stop worrying about it, and
just let things happen as they did. She let out a breath of air that was almost
a laugh, but not quite.

"...I will. I'm terrible at sneaking besides, as it seems."


Vadira (Mihrage)

(6/10/2004 3:51:22 PM)

"A lesson, Raina.." She said, gazing upon the river, "Only sneak
when you have done something to be shamed of.." Her eyes close briefly.

"May you never speak of sneaking again, I hope.." She brought
forth a smile to Raina before standing. And taking a step before looking back
upon her, "You will do well in life, Raina.. Never forget you have friends