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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Tarot Business
five more seconds;

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/7/2004 9:56:33 PM)

"Thank you for coming with me, Raina." Issac said, squeezing the
young woman's hand as he let a heavy breath. "I do not think this is a
duty for most Tarot, as it deals going deep within the
enemy territory, so to speak."

They were approaching the fountain where Lisann Ome first showed her madness to the public, where even now
Royal Guards and master masons worked to make the fountain usable again for the
public. People were flocking around the edges, but most were put off by the
Royal Guard uniforms. Issac, however, was not put off, and continued to make
his way around the crowds.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/7/2004 10:09:44 PM)

Raina nodded and squeezed Issac's hand in answer, following him through the
crowd. True enough she'd follow him to the depths of Hell and back, in any
case, but she was glad to be any amount of help. Seeing as she really hadn't
felt like she was doing much lately for the Tarot, other than distracting Issac
a whole lot.

...Not that she minded that.

Rosa Malificient Bainbridge

(6/7/2004 10:30:52 PM)

It's been a long day, and General Rosa is Not Happy. Not at all. Not that she
should be, after all, but still, it's hot out and, though it's slowly being
rebuilt, the eastern fountain is a mess. She gets a shiver every time she looks
at it, not that her soldiers would ever know. The only thing marking her
displeasure is the frown on her face as she supervises the cleaning of the
area, whether it be scrubbing or dragging bodies away.
She tsks softly at Firenza,
her roan mount, who backs off a pace as one of her guards drags the fallen body
of a civilian off to the cart where the bodies of the Inquisitor Guards rest.

Well, she can only hope that the girl is well. She trusts D'Art's speed, but life and death waits for no man.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/7/2004 10:38:08 PM)

"...That must be her, the General." Issac slowed
to a stop, off to the side, looking over at Raina. "I, er,
don't suppose you have any idea on how to approach official women properly, do

Issac's background didn't normally include Generals. Especially female ones.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/7/2004 10:42:29 PM)

Raina looked up at the woman, then over at Issac and frowned a little.

"..No. I....don't talk to many offical
types.." There goes her feeling of usefulness.

Rosa Malificient Bainbridge

(6/7/2004 10:47:26 PM)

"Out of the way!" she commands a few citizens thinking to move
closer. She didn't want to deal with any more people today. She'd already delt with several hysterical people, several grief ridden
to find that their husbands and fathers had been killed, whether they had been
of the Inquisition or the two civilians that had been too close to power hungry

She looks to Issac and Raina, thinking nothing special of them as she calls
to them, "you as well! Move along!" She frowns still as she looks
away, assuring herself that the people are slowly but surely starting to move

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/7/2004 10:51:09 PM)

((That was here, and nicely done Issac!))

"Well then, just back me up. I'll see what I can do with just being ...

He edged around the General, and moved over to the guard, putting his
Command voice, "Excuse me, can you tell me if the Inquisition is being
disbanded? I have friends ... good one, who, well, they have helped Tarot, or
are Tarot..."

It was a gamble, one that Davin would be better
suited for, but Issac would try to balance things in his favor. Meanwhile, he
squeezed Raina's hand in his.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/7/2004 10:53:41 PM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 15, for a total of 15

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/7/2004 10:59:22 PM)

Raina kept silent, looking instead faintly worried. For the friends it could
hopefully be mistaken for, although she was really worried if they'd get
suspicious or worse about such a direct question. She squeezed his hand in
return, perhaps slightly tighter than she would have were it a less risky

Rosa Malificient Bainbridge

(6/7/2004 11:03:56 PM)

She looks back to Issac, her eyebrow arching. His manner of speech, while
holding a good measure of demand in it, is also somewhat awkward, though moreso in wording than anything. And the words are
surprising as well, her pale eyes looking at him in brief confusion.

"The Inquisition as a whole is no business of mine, nor are Tarot," she says simply, as that is all she need
tell anyone. All the same she stares at him, thoughtful. "You speak boldly
of such things, sir. Are you sure it is a smart thing to do so?"

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/7/2004 11:06:31 PM)

...Well, he wanted to get here. And here he was.

He bowed, respectfully. "Lady General, lack of boldness led to so many
innocents killed in the street. I do not think any citizen of En Passant will
be so willing to stand aside and let the Inquisition have their way

No threat, simple fact. Even the Lady General can see that, in the people
gathering to watch her. There was a 'never again' attiditude
of those watching, their spines straight and their expressions blank.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/7/2004 11:28:40 PM)

((*..Blinks* WTF? Why did Alambil get that?))

Raina watched Issac for a moment before she bowed as well.

"..It is no longer a matter of our own safety..." She spoke
softly, more so she wasn't leaving Issac completely alone with the voice. She
had come to help him, after all.

Rosa Malificient Bainbridge

(6/7/2004 11:53:42 PM)

Rosa remains silent as they speak, politely perhaps,
undeniably curious as well, though it is well hidden beneath an exterior that
reflects both annoyance and boredom. She has seen the people staring all day,
and has done little aside from tell them to move along. It is all she is to do
while here.

"An abundance of boldness also sees many innocents killed," she
says, looking about the square where such a statement rings true. "The
people are unwilling to see the Inquisition move onward? Then it is something
for the people to worry about. I am solely here to clean up corpses," she
says sharply. She looks to Raina, another pause passing before she says,
"I am aware of that. I am not the one to tell such things to- I am a
servant to the Crown, no more, no less."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/7/2004 11:56:41 PM)

Issac nodded his head quietly, then looked to Raina sadly, "..Yes, you are
right, Lady General. Thank you for your time."

His questions had been answered, more or less. The Inquistion
would receive a slap on the wrist, and nothing more. They would be back --
perhaps a week, but not much more than that.

They, after all, had Royal backing. "Come, darling. Let us not intrude
on the Lady General's time any further."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/8/2004 12:14:27 AM)

Raina returned Issac's sad look, before nodding. There wasn't much more they
could do here. She looked back to Rosa briefly.

"..Apologies for delaying your duties." She looked back to Issac
then, raising her eyebrows in a 'ready to go' sense.

Rosa Malificient Bainbridge

(6/8/2004 12:24:45 AM)

Rosa looks at them, tired, annoyed, unimpressed and
exasperated, but she reigns it all in, not one to lose her temper.

"It is up to the Commander to speak with the King and Archbishop
concerning what actions will be taken against the Inquisition," she says,
though more under her breath, more for their ears. "Do not think that we
are not aware of the injustices of the Inquisition. But also do not think that
because of my position I am free to exert my influence where I will."

She tugs at the reins of her horse. "...I will be speaking with the
Commander. Move along- there is much work to be done here yet and I will not
have civilians of any people in the way of the cleanup." With that Firenza moves off, taking her rider to the opposite side of
the square to see what happens there.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/8/2004 12:32:23 AM)

Issac paused to consider the General's words, before leading Raina away from
the carnage, his expression thoughtful. He sighed, "If we only knew what
kind of man the Commander was. As it stands, all I know he is called the Demon
Knight with good reason."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/8/2004 12:44:06 AM)

"..A man with that title sounds like someone to approach with
caution.." She squeezed Issac's hand gently. "..Although, if he's a
knight, I would think the mere idea of the Inqusition
goes against chivalry..."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/8/2004 12:47:09 AM)

"Yes, but what counts for chivilary in En
Passant these days?" Issac sighed, before giving her a wry smile. "I
am rather gloomy about the whole thing, aren't I?"

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/8/2004 12:48:57 AM)

Raina smiled a little. "It doesn't seem to be an exactly cheerful subject,
so your gloominess is excused."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/8/2004 12:53:10 AM)

"Well, at least Davin's good news has some
realistic chance of being perhaps the beginning of the end. Allies from
without." Issac smiled a little, squeezing her hand again.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/8/2004 12:58:45 AM)

Raina's face brightened slightly, and her smile widened.

"That's wonderful to hear." Well, yeah. Sooner the end of the war
came around, the sooner she wouldn't feel guilty for spending time with Issac,
like she was distracting him from helping the Tarot.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/8/2004 12:59:46 AM)

"I won't count the chickens before they are hatched ... but things are
improving considerably. Things are balancing again." Issac crossed his
other fingers, and smiled wryly. "Thank you, for backing me up

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/8/2004 1:05:29 AM)

"..I didn't do much." Raina's smile turned slightly sheepish.
"..I didn't want you going at it alone, though."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/8/2004 1:06:47 AM)

"Which is precisely why you were so important. I would have been a lot
less cautious if I didn't know you were here to pull me back a little."
Issac lifted her hand and kissed it gently.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/8/2004 1:16:56 AM)

"..I should come with you more often then." She smiled lightly,
although she was quite serious. If he was being cautious today, she was more
than a little worried what it was like when she wasn't around.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/8/2004 1:18:27 AM)

"Not a bad idea, that. What better way to introduce you into Tarot
affairs? I never have the more dangerous jobs of information, after all."
Issac said, his green eyes looking bright and rueful in turn.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/8/2004 1:30:19 AM)

"Of course I mean it! There's no one else I would rather have with me,
than you." Issac said quickly, before his cheeks turned red. Almost as red
as his ears. He looked forward again, clearing his throat.


Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/8/2004 1:38:26 AM)

Raina smiled happily, her own cheeks flushing light pink. She looked ahead
again as well.

"...I can't say no to that then, now can

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(6/8/2004 1:43:10 AM)

"I really don't think you can. I was very complimentary." Issac grins
in turn, swinging her hand a little.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(6/8/2004 1:54:49 AM)

Raina laughed, picking up the momentum of their hands slightly.

"...I will, then."