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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Turns out I've been lazy with my logging. So, time to kill right now. Doing some. Excuse me for spamming your Flists.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 5:50:31 PM)

Justice rarely took a day off, but Eleora made it fairly clear that she would
be keeping an eye on him. He sighed a little as he slumped his way into the
circus, heading for Raina's tent, nodding at the few Circus members he knew. He
knew ... he knew he was pressing himself too hard, that he had to be
ready in the days to come, but still.

He kept looking over his shoulder, half expecting to see Eleora leading the
other female Tarot after him, rulers in hand.

He hunched a little further in his coat at the image, and sighed. He was
Justice. One of the strongest Cards in the Major Arcana. And he was cowering
away from the fury of the Empress and the Ace of Cups. Thank Cards Beh was off
on his adventure. At least he didn't have to swallow humiliation in that sort
of sense...

His heart lightened considerably the closer he got to Raina's tent, and the
thought occurred to him that perhaps a break wasn't too offish. After all,
wasn't that what he was trying to stress to Elyias and Dakiera? Hm. Best that
he live up to his own advice, and perhaps they'd follow his example. Further
heartened, his step became brisker and his shoulders unhunched considerably.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 6:14:32 PM)

Raina would be right in her wagon, door and 'window' open, so she wouldn't have
to burn any of her candles to see what she was doing. She sat cross-legged on
her bed, carefully reattaching one of the ends to her poi. She'd removed the
'flamey' parts while she'd practiced, but having just finished with that, the
parts used purely for performance could be reattached.

She frowned faintly as she came across a catch in the wiring that held the
form together, and picked at it slowly, untangling and then tightening again.
It wouldn't do to have flaming pieces fall off in the middle of a show. She'd
been told that by her mentor, although it had taken firsthand experience to get
her to take it to heart.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 6:21:32 PM)

He could see the gleam of golden curls through her open window, and he smiled.
He scanned outside, and plucked out an errant wildflower with one hand. Yes, it
was very sentimental and so on ... but it was Justice's day off. He could
afford a little sentimentality today. He climbed the steps to her wagon, and
waited for her to answer. Or at least call him in.

Either way, he had the flower behind his back, in the true soppy romantic

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 6:31:11 PM)

"..Ow!" She muttered as she stuck herself with the bit of wire she
was trying to make behave, and stuck her finger in her mouth, frowning more.
She heard footsteps, and leaned forward to see who was walking up her steps.
Her eyebrows lifted, and she smiled around her finger, waving a hand for him to
come in, before looking back at the poi, frowning at it, and pushing it off her

"Issac!" She said, once she'd pulled her finger from her mouth,
rubbing it slightly with her thumb as she smiled at him and straightened from
the position she was sitting in previously.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 6:48:59 PM)

Issac, with as much suaveness that he had, which he admitted was not much,
pulled the wildflower out, and bowed deeply to her. "I would have written
some sort of poetry to go along with it ... but it seems my writing skills are
mostly along the lines of, Juggernaut, 2 to 1 in the fifth. Not exactly the
sort of thing a girl wants to hear."

He nodded down to her equipment, then to her. "Are you busy? I thought
we could continue our tour of the city -- and I could take you to dinner before
your show."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 7:09:21 PM)

Raina smiled brightly as she accepted the flower, bringing it to her nose and
breathing in, before looking at Issac and smiling again. "I don't need
poetry." True enough. Unless it was read out loud to her, she wouldn't be
able to make heads or tales of it in any case.

She looked at her equipment lying abandoned next to her, and wrinkled her
nose slightly. "I'm not busy. I don't have to use those tonight, I can use
my other set." She looked back up at him, smile returning once again to
her face. "I'd love to continue our tour. And dinner would be

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 7:13:45 PM)

"Great! I'll just wait outside then, er, if you know ... you have to do
something womanly which requires me to be outside." Issac said, smiling a
little, before he stepped outside and stretched out his tall frame. It was a
marvelous afternoon to see the City, even a better one to do it with Raina.

"What would you like to see first?"

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 7:33:01 PM)

Raina smiled and stood as Issac stepped out, closing the door behind him.
"I won't be long.."

She found what she called her 'good' dress, something she'd had since she'd
lived in Sorry, and saved to wear only for special occasions. And because her
special occasions were few and far between, it wasn't nearly as well worn as some
of her other clothes. Light pink in color, and, even though it was the nicest
of the few clothes she owned, it was still rather plain, buttons along the
front being the only real adornment.

She changed quickly, not being one of those types to spend hours getting
ready, or having the fancy adornments to accentuate and whatnot. Not really
needing them, in any case. She pinned her curls back with the one clip she
owned, and tucked the flower Issac had given her behind her ear. She only had
her one pair of shoes, but there wasn't any sense in having several, when she
was barefoot half the time as it was.

She opened the door again, and came down the stair, touching Issac's
shoulder lightly.

"I trust your judgment. I don't know enough about En Passant to name
places I've never seen before, as it were."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 7:37:13 PM)

Issac turned as she spoke ... and stared. Just a little. Really. He cleared his
throat, swallowed and then spoke, amazingly without a squeak. "Well, there
are some fairly nice spots around the Castle, if you want to risk any run-ins
with the nobles. You know, sniffsniff, nose down, that sort of thing."

His smile sparked to life, as he bowed again, and offered her his arm. As
gentlemanly as he ever got, really.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 7:47:21 PM)

Raina smiled as she took his arm, tilting her head up to look at him.

"...Is that safe?" She didn't know if the Inquisition lurked
around the castle and stopped everyone who passed. "..That would be
interesting.. however."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 7:57:18 PM)

"...Were you planning on proclaiming your heritage at the top of your
lungs?" Issac asked, with a completely straight face. Yes, he knew a
smacking was inevitable, but she looked so serious about it. "No, really.
They don't arrest you for walking past the castle going to spend good money.
Only if you walk away trying to take it."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 8:07:58 PM)

"..Right. I forget it isn't like Sorry where heritage is practically
stamped on your forehead...or eyes, as it were. In native cases, at least."
She tilted her head and raised her eyebrows briefly. "Let’s go then?"

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 8:16:15 PM)

Issac led the way, from the backways of the fields, towards the more civilized
lanes of trees and high class society. Violin music could be heard here and
there, and carriages with rich trimmings moved down the cobbled streets.

"This is King's Lane --- all the most influential business men and
nobles live here. Some of the more reclusive ones live off of Queen's way --
most of the diplomats and the like."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 8:30:30 PM)

Raina listened mostly, a slight smile on her face while Issac pointed out
things. It wasn't the city so much that mattered, as just being with him. What
he was saying interested her too, of course, it was good to hear about the
city, and it may help her in locating the newest temporary addition to the
circus's parents. Which would probably make some people breathe a little
easier, because she'd heard a few irritated performers walking past, muttering
something about ducks and children getting underfoot.

..Although, considering the circus, that really wasn't anything new and

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 8:34:21 PM)

"...Anyways, that's how it got it's name. Even if it isn't painted pink
anymore." Issac finished off his latest tale, smiling a little. "You
know, I've been awfully rude. How have you been?"

He knew he didn't spend all his time with Raina, even though he wished he
could. He found himself curious - had she met more Tarot? What did she think of
them? Was she going to stay here in En Passant if she was made welcome enough.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 8:41:40 PM)

Raina turned her head away from the no
longer pink building
, and looked at him, smiling a little and shrugging
her shoulders slightly.

"Me? Fair enough. We found a boy wandering through camp the other day.
He's from Candyland, and seems to have lost his parents. Although, he doesn't
really seem to be overly concerned with this matter." She frowned lightly,
she obviously didn't think it was as easy a matter as the boy did that he'd
been separated from his parents and hadn't a clue as to where they were.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 8:45:41 PM)

"...From Candyland, you say?" Issac's eyebrows lifted, and a small
smile crossed his face. "I think I'll be able to find someone who can help
you out there - I'll just have to track either one of them down."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 8:51:51 PM)

Raina smiled, quite glad that Issac knew so many people.

"..His name is Gus Fudge, and he said he came from the Fudge
Swamps..." She paused, and thought for a moment. "He.. seems to have
been living off of the forest for quite a bit. He just wandered into our camp
two days ago."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 8:54:03 PM)

"Aaaah. The DUCK boy." Issac's eyes lit up with recognition, and he
nodded his head firmly. "I've heard quite a few rumours about our young
friend, didn't think he actually existed. Well, I'll find my Tarot friends, and
bring them around to meet him so they can see about getting the lad home."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 8:57:26 PM)

Raina laughed, and nodded. "Yes. The one and the same, I'm sure. That
would be good though. I'm sure his parents are worried about him." Her
smile softened slightly, and her eyes returned to ahead of her. It had been a
great deal of time since she'd talked to her own parents, or the people who
raised her as their daughter, as it were.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 9:00:49 PM)

"You've got something on your mind..." Issac said softly, glancing
over at the soft expression on her face. He reached over, gently tucking hair
behind her ear that had fallen loose of the clip.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 9:09:17 PM)

Raina smiled again, tilting her head to his touch, eyelashes fluttering

"I was just thinking about my adoptive parents, back in Sorry. It must
have been five or six years since I left.... And even if I could write, they
can't read..." As much as she enjoyed every moment away from Sorry, she
missed them. She'd like to know if her sister had given up and married
the baker's son, who was so hopelessly in love with her. She'd like to know if
her father and mother were still the happiest of poor couples on their entire
street. And she'd like to know....if they would like Issac.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 9:11:34 PM)

"...Have you ever thought of going back? If just for a visit?"
Issac's parents had died when he was just a boy -- he lived on the streets for
the rest of that time. Tarot had always been all the family he'd ever needed.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 9:15:31 PM)

"..I have." She sighed a little. "But it always seems to get
farther away."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 9:18:24 PM)

"That's the problem with moving on, you just keep moving." Issac said
sympathetically. He looked thoughtful after a moment, then cleared his throat.
"You know, when the war is over ... and if you wanted to take some time
from the circus ... we could go together."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 9:28:31 PM)

Raina smiled, leaning against his arm slightly.

"...I was hoping you'd say that. I'd like it very much if you came with
me." Then she sighed a little. "..As for the circus.. I don't know if
I'll be leaving here, once they move on to their next location. Now that...I
know where I came from, and am starting to learn that... I don't feel like I
have to keep moving."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 9:32:50 PM)

"Most Tarot do keep moving ... very few of us stay where we were born. We
are a travelling people - perhaps that is why we have no nation of our

Issac shrugged a little, and smiled ruefully. "But I would like to at
least say I have gone somewhere out of En Passant in my life time."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 9:47:22 PM)

"...You've never been outside of En Passant?" She looked up at him,
tilting her head slightly.

"..I can understand why, however. Despite... everything.. I've felt
more at ease here than I ever did in Sorry. Growing up, I was restless.. I had
a lot of places I would run to when I wasn't helping in the shop..." She
smiled a little. "..Look beyond the horizon, and dream of being
elsewhere." She sighed again. She felt almost like she was stuck in the
middle of here and there at times.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 9:53:35 PM)

"A very wise old man once told me, 'everyone always looks for the one
place that they always miss, home.' Maybe you're just looking for a place to
call home." Issac said quietly, smiling crookedly at her. He wouldn't
mention about where he wanted her to make that home ... it was her decision, in
the end.

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 9:55:54 PM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 4, for a total of 4

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 10:00:40 PM)

Raina smiled a little.

"..I suppose that would be here.. to me....." She tilted her head
downwards slightly. "....With you."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 10:01:47 PM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 68, for a total of 68


Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 10:04:21 PM)

Issac stopped in the street, staring at her for a long moment as his chest
thudded in odd and not terrible ways. He gripped her hand a little more
tightly, as he murmured. "Then I'm very glad to hear that."

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 10:42:31 PM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 86, for a total of 86

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 10:50:58 PM)

Raina stopped with him, and waited for him to answer. Once he did, she smiled a
little. Then she leaned up on the balls of her feet, and kissed his cheek,
whispering softly. "..I'm glad I met you." As short a time as it had
been since Issac had first walked into the Circus looking for the twins and
found her instead, she was already finding it hard to think she could ever part
with the idea that -at least- he was close by, if not with her.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 10:54:34 PM)

Issac's smile widened, so bright that he could have been a flame himself. Then
he coughed a little, and nodded down the street. "...Are you getting
hungry? There's a fairly good pub around the way -- you can sit outside and

Raina Arien (Varis)

(5/27/2004 11:08:21 PM)

Raina smiled in her own, pleased at the look on Issac's face. She'd seen him
smile, but not like that. It warmed her heart to him even more, if that was
possible. She then glanced away to where he was nodding, and nodded herself.

"..Sure. It sounds lovely."