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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Because, Boredom strikes.
five more seconds;
Going to eat pizza and watch all the parts of The Talented Mr Ripley where Jack Davenport is. Except the end. The end makes me sad.

THEN, if I still have pizza left, going to watch all Norrington parts of POTC.

...And tomorrow, I have to bug Suncoast, for I haven't recieved my 'Hi, Miss Ashton? Your Ultraviolet DVDs are in. Please come buy them, and fufill the Dark Side that the Wren has bestowed upon you.'

Gaaaah. You know, if Viggo Mortensen wasn't in REALLY fucking long movies, I'd do this with him too. But watching FOTR gives me a headache, TTT gives me a headache, and ROTK...Mmm.... ROTK............. *Mental note* *Watch ROTK*

.....I am such a fangirl. *Sighs*

...Someone remind me to do reviews on all the movies I've watched recently. I need to do reviews. POTC, ROTK, HP3, Talented Mr Ripley, Underworld, Etc Etc... @___@ Have I already done a POTC review? I can't remember. I'll do one anyway, because now that I'm enlightened to the Jack Davenporty goodness, I have things to say about it.

...Someone shut me up, now. @__@

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After an entire year of asking others how to spell stuff, I get to correct someone! Vicki, fufill is spelt f-u-l-f-i-l-l.

Yippie Skippie!

I look forward to that review for Underworld.

I "hope" it'll be a positive one... *cracks knuckles*

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