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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Community Pimping!
five more seconds;
So everyone remember that really failed attempt to make an RP community I did way back when? Well, I've been revamping it for the past few days, and set a release date if I get enough members. Just about every character is open, and as my esteemed friends, comment here and you won't need application. (Considering I know ya'll can already RP. Most of you are RP buddies, after all. XD)

so, the community is Beyond the Ashes and, yeah. Its only E and me right now, which makes me a saaaaaaaad sad Varis.

CAITY P?! I'm holding Ron right now, even though I didn't write that down. *Is lazy* I'll do that in a minute. But if you don't give me the 'yes I want him!' I'm going to give him to someone else. Mmkai? Mmkai.

Also, friends whom I love dearly. Invite other people to join. Spread word. I'm pimping the community on journals, but there's only so much work I can do by myself.

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Hey, Varis. I didn't want you to see my name appearing on your flist and wondering who in the heck I was (Holly from SB - Ernie, Anthony, Dean, and Kenny).

The short explanation for finding your journal is that I was extremely bored on Friday. I'll give you the long version if you want to hear it. :-P

Ooooh! XD I was wondering. I knew I recognized your AIM screen name (As its on my buddy list 6_6) and I was like *....Huh.* Figured you were one of les RPageers, but didn't know from where. I really need to organize the buddy list. *Eyes the chaos that is Buddy List*

...And I wanna hear the long version. XD I like stories. *S*

I had Friday off from work, so I was doodling on the computer, and yes, you can in fact doodle on a computer and not just on paper. I decided to start clicking on random journals from my friends flists, and I think I got yours from Cait's flist. Anyway, I got to the journal and I was all, hey! I know her! So here I am.

It wasn't that great of a story, but what can I say? The truth isn't always fancy. . . heh.

I'm guessing Caity P's journal, yes? I know about five Caits. And like... three of them are on my flist. XD

Not sure. Zach/Harry Cait. :-)

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. That's Caity P! XD

*has a BtA boogie-down party* We will be awesome! Someday..

*Boogies with!* Yay! <3 That E!

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