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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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(no subject)
five more seconds;
Instructions: Write one statement to each of 10 people on your LJ friends list.
Never tell which one is for who.

Translation: Guess, and I'll tell you. I did more than ten too, because I'm bored like that.

1. You never win. But I still <3 you. Because you don't win. Because I'm just that good.

2. I love you dearly, and have known you forever. May all times of angst and emo and Queer Eye be joyus. May you also always be you with all your opinionated goodness.

3. You feed my obsessions, and I heart you for it. We also seem to have so very many characters who are sisters, purely out of coincidence....I think. Well, regardless, I do think of you as one of my online Big Sisterly beings, and there is madlove to you always. *Muah!*

4. You're fucking insane. And I love you for it. Although, Haven't talked to you in WEEKS. *Woe* We must talk soon.

5. I know you're trying your best, but you really need to loosen up. The entire world isn't out to destroy your existance. Really.

6. I love you, even though my music taste scares you sometimes. Besides that, we agree on just about everything, with the acception of film critics.... Well, when it comes down to it, you're a very good friend, I adore you, and I would weep if you suddenly decided to hate me a whole lot.

7. You are my GOD. All bow down, for you are wonderful. XD You're one of the funniest, vibrant, outgoing, room-lighting-up, talented, amazing people I know. Anyone who makes you sad, point them out to me, I'll smash their face in. Unless it's you-know-who, because he scares me. Don't tell him that though. Because he might use it to his evil evil advantage.

8. I love you, and I adore RPing with you, and some of my characters would just so not be the same without your interaction, but you can get a touch wingey sometimes. Which, if at the right moment, is fine by me. I winge too. But, not when I'm pissed off at the world and on my period. Then, no. Bad. No biscuit.

9. I <3 you. May I always blame my liking David Wenham on you.

10. The sun will come up tomorrow dearie. I promise. It may seem horrible and impossible to get through another day, but you will. Things get easier as the years go on. Take the advice from someone who's gone through just about the same cycle. High School is about making new friends to add to the old ones. Don't be afraid to find a crowd who will accept you better. You fit in somewhere, I know you do.

11. I miss you little sis! T__T Why are you never here anymore?

12. I love you VERY much. You scared the pants off me when I first met you, and I was all intimidated and tried really hard to keep out of your way, and all that jazz, but I'm quite glad I got over that, as you're one of the most wonderful people I know, the root of all evil, the person who sowed the seeds for at least three of my obsessions, and apparently if your top three choices don't ever become single/avaliable, I get to marry you! XD

13. I may be evil, but in my mind, you will ALWAYS be eviller. So THERE. I love you anyway though. XD

14. You're one of my bestest friends, and I know I can always count on you to be there if I need you, no matter how far away you get.

15. <3. In all my adoration of you, its funny that we've got like... one shipping pairing. We should fix that. Even though they're a most excellent pair, it hardly stands for the romance whore I know I am. XD ..Uh yeah. Other than that, you are my shiney shiney yay person. And may my magical Trillian stories live on forever. You know, you're the only one I ever gave them to. XD <3

...I think that's good for now. XD

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...or not. .___.

Yes. Yes. You are Teh Eval. *Sagely nod*

Number seven, of course. *keff* I'm just that awesome.

... except not. *snickerfitting* I actually have no clue.

... am I whingy? *sniffle*



..I must rock at these things then. Myffie's the only one who knows who she is. XD Its between 1 and 8. And I give no more clues.



Again. Figgy= Not the Wingy one.


¬¬ Yeah yeah. I made that one easy. And I do. @__@ Every effing time Faramir comes on screen. None of my friends watch LOTR with me anymore because I'm squeeing every five seconds in between the Faramir and Aragorn scenes. @___@

Number one! Number one! XD

*Is a loser* ;_;

Yes. You are a loser. *Points and laughs*

Whee! I don't htink I'm on there!


*Eyeshift* I couldn't actually think of anything for the Manda.

Heee. No worries. I wasn't there! :-D

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