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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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...Grr. Arg.
five more seconds;
So, went shopping for loong time with Michelle today. Will list, as too lazy to do otherwise.

So, got prom dress. On the yay, its alright. Not my first choice, but not much I can do unless I lost five inches off my waist overnight.

Got my graduation/Banquet outfit, which I love. Black shirt with a flower on the corner, and a sparkly beaded black wrap-around thingie, which I'm wearing over pants wether they like it or not. Got accessories too. Whore earrings are fun.

Have makeup. Yay.

Got DVDs. Lots of them. We went to Best Buy, to see if they had the Ultraviolet DVD, which they didn't (...Bastards.), so after browsing I picked up Bend it Like Beckham, Underworld, and the perfect series of Sorcerer Stabber Orphen. Then later we went to Suncoast, again to try and find Ultraviolet, and they didn't have it their either, however I *DID* find The Talented Mr Ripley, which will sedate my growing Jack Davenport (Not to mention Jude Law and Matt Damon.) obessession until the Ultraviolet DVD set which I ordered from Suncoast come in. I also finally found Ben Jelen's CD, which makes me muy happy. I would've been happier had I the tangible form of Ultraviolet DVD in my hand... but, I suppose I can go to the website and see if they have a trailer, or something.
..Also found that they had all three seasons of Coupling at Best Buy, although I forced myself to not buy them, as they were all of the expensive.

Went to the Senior banquet, it was eh. We ate food which was like, not warm. They'd cooked it, but it had gotten cold. ¬¬ The punch was good though. As was the strawberry Shortcake.

We watched the ENTIRE Senior CD, which was like '....gah.' They actually gave us copies. Yeah, NEVER going to watch that.

....and... well, now am home.

.....I need Arr Pee. Because tonight I actually have time. Whoooh... @____@

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*whines* I wanna buy the special edtion Underworld DVD! =(

I want to see Underworld *whines* But my mom won't rent it with Abby around. *evil grin* Then maybe I'll just get rid of the little one...Aaanyways...

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