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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Random quiz.
five more seconds;

You're usually happy and try to see the good in the
world. You're creative and often daydream. You
build your own little world whether it's a bad
or a good day, you can always escape to. You
believe dreams are the best thing reality has
to offer. Life can be tough and you know this.
But you try to look on the bright side of
things, even if it's an illusion. You love
imagination and the mind, for this is where you
can mold your idea of how things should be.
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Which Evanescence 'Origin' Song Are You? (With Pics!)
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..So me, or what? @___@ Hullo, my name is Varis, and I'm completely out of touch with the Real World.