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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Doing a few logs I meant to do, but got distracted.

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/29/2004 11:10:03 PM)

Katrina stretched lazily as she exited the inn in the Theatre district the
Troupe had occupied, per her routine.

It was a good day, and the streets were busy and noisy. It was mostly that
that made her say bugger it with her usual precautions of disguising her face
and eyes and general person slightly, as she usually did out of habit. No, she
was all herself today. From the high-heeled boots which her troupe knew as her
signature, to her sparkling blue-green eyes. She needed stuff, and she liked to
wander around the town. Hopefully, her partner-in-crime for the day would be
popping up soon.

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/29/2004 11:18:16 PM)

"...Merrily we sailed along..."

Willow sang, quite suddenly,
from Katrina's elbow, flashing the older woman a brilliant dimpled smile as she
skipped around her once, then fell into step besides Katrina. "We are
going off to market, to see the pretty things... what are we looking for,

Willow was in high spirits.
Enough that she was lucid with every other breath, instead of one in five.
Quite a relief, especially on a market day.

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/29/2004 11:23:00 PM)

"Fabrics and stuff along that line. We're in need of some costumes, and
the puppet fabric trunk is getting low again." Katrina grins at Willow,
hardly surprised at the sudden appearance of the girl. It had stopped freaking
her out when people suddenly appeared years ago. She'd gotten over it at
like, five.

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/29/2004 11:25:28 PM)

"Oooh, pretty silks, shiny buttons, and all manners of finery." Willow
hummed under her breath, dancing a little, as she looked thoughtfully
ahead."I should look into veils for my Ladies. The party season is
starting here, and the Fine and Mighty like their dancers to float, float,

She mimicked light, mincing steps.

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/29/2004 11:34:29 PM)

Katrina nodded, stretching her arms above her head and hooking her fingers
behind, automatically following the cobblestone roadways that lead to the

"...Should be some good stuff in today. Heard through the grapevine
there were some traders from Go passing through. Should be able to pick up some
of that for some decent dresses."

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/29/2004 11:37:13 PM)

"Fine dresses, and soft things made for feminine wiles." Willow
grinned a little, wiggling her hands in a mocking way at such implications.
Then she stopped,, her eye catching on a fine notice outside one of the shops.

She canted her head curiously.

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/29/2004 11:39:32 PM)

Katrina nodded and kept walking for a bit, but when she noticed Willow
had stopped, she too ceased movement and turned back towards the younger woman.

"..What is it?" She let her arms drop to her sides before she
walked the halfstep back to peer over Willow's

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/29/2004 11:41:18 PM)

"..A call for entertainers. Singers, dancers, all sorts." Willow
murmured softly, pulling it off the wall, and handing it off to Katrina.
"A lady in a fine home wants to wear masks that aren't real and have
people dance about and give money to babies without mommies and Mommies without

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/29/2004 11:42:54 PM)

Katrina gave a low whistle as she read over the paper, nodding.

"Iiiinteresting. There could be good money in that." And if there
was anything it seemed the Tarot always needed, it was money.

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/29/2004 11:44:41 PM)

"We have our own babies and widows, oh yes." Willow
said solemnly, then she frowned a little, then lifted the paper to her nose and
sniffled lightly. "Hm...the paper smells like a memory I can't

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/29/2004 11:50:56 PM)

"..Eh? How's that?" Katrina raised an eyebrow. She was already
mentally going through the plays she could get her troupe to pull off, in
addition to the songs the musicans knew. They could probably pass this on to
Harper too, she imagined he'd jump at the chance to make extra money to feed
all the mouths around the Circus.

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/29/2004 11:53:26 PM)

"..Felt this person before. Don't know where." Willow
sniffed the paper again, then folded it and stuffed it in one pocket. "I
shall see what I must later on. For now, we shop!"

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/29/2004 11:54:54 PM)

Katrina grinned. "Shop we shall! Onwards!" And she started walking
again, heels clicking against cobblestones.

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/29/2004 11:59:19 PM)

Willow hums, falling into step
beside the young woman once more. She slows her song, and frowns a little as
her fingers brush against one of the stone walls. "....Have the
Inquisitors been out and about lately?"

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/30/2004 12:02:14 AM)

Katrina wrinkles her nose slightly. "On and off. I haven't seen any
spectacular displays of 'heathen clensing' lately, however. Which is a good
thing, I suppose." Either that, or they were laying low for a few days
before they hunted out and caused doom on all those that 'wronged' them. Stupid

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/30/2004 12:04:24 AM)

"Streets feel quiet. They don't feel like blood." Willow
said with a faint frown. "There is waiting. But ...what are they waiting

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/30/2004 12:14:30 AM)

Katrina sighed, and shrugged her shoulders. "No clue. If I knew, I'd go
stop it. Whatever it is, can't be good." Not with that Lisann chick
running it up.

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/30/2004 12:26:17 AM)

"Would we wear Trader's Fedora, and see what he sees, and know what he
knows." Willow said with a
little nod. "We must be cunning, Katrina, and look where others don't
look." A little smile worked over her face. "At pubs, and where
people congregate."

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/30/2004 12:32:59 AM)

Katrina bobbed her head a little, before rolling her eyes up to the sky.

"As much time as I spend in pubs when we aren't performing, however, I
haven't heard much about the Inquisition. Trader's better at the sneaky
info-gathering than I am, as much as I hate to admit it."

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/30/2004 12:44:47 AM)

"...None of us have the Trader's skill, for we are not the Trader's."
Willow said simply, twirling in a

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/30/2004 12:50:57 AM)

Katrina sighed, and then continued on for a moment in silence, before turning a
corner, and ah! Market. "..Heere we go."

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/30/2004 12:55:07 AM)

Willow's somber thoughts whirled away at the sight of all the open shops and
carts, and she moved forward, dancing slowly from display to display.
Completely entraced by all the pretty things to see, and feel.

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/30/2004 12:56:44 AM)

Katrina smiled a little watching Willow
dance off before she herself headed for a vendor displaying several patterned

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/30/2004 1:00:05 AM)

Willow pressed her cheek against
some of the soft silks, sighing contentedly. However, the movement of heavy
boots caught her attention, and she stiffened upwards as Noir guards moved
firmly through the marketplace.

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/30/2004 1:02:44 AM)

Katrina's eyes darted to the side, briefly flickering on Willow,
although she didn't move from her position in front of the cart of fabrics. She
did grow rather still, and held her breath, listening to the distinctive sounds
as the guards passed.

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/30/2004 1:04:43 AM)

A little shiver ran up Willow's
spine, but the troops just continued to march on by. She gripped the silk in
her hands, before looking over at Katrina with a silent question in her eyes.

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/30/2004 1:06:42 AM)

A faint frown line appeared between Katrina's brows, and once she was sure they
had passed, she turned her head to watch after them.

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/30/2004 1:08:33 AM)

Willow put the cloth down, and
moved over to Katrina's sie, watching them as well. There were no Inquistioners
with them. For now. However ... it didn't mean that there wasn't one coming...

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/30/2004 1:09:46 AM)

Katrina glanced over at Willow, her
thoughts mirroring the younger woman's. "..Maybe we should split off now
while we still can." She muttered out of the corner of her mouth.

Willow Seraphim (Wren)

(5/30/2004 1:19:36 AM)

Willow nodded her head. "Two foxes hunting the trail ..I will go to the east."

She tapped her nose lightly, and slipped off into a side alley, following
the soldiers pararell. Such haste!

Katrina Lenne (Varis)

(5/30/2004 1:22:24 AM)

Katrina nodded briefly, before turning and heading down an alley in another