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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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And here I thought, Rants were over.
five more seconds;
..So, I have for you a Rant on a few RP observations.

Mostly on Avatars and the canonity of them.

....First, and foremost. Why the fuck is everyone and their dog using Keira Knightley for an avatar nowadays? Yes. She is beautiful. Yes, her age is conveniently close to the age of the HP characters that people cast her as. Yes, I have used her for one HP character. Because I saw no one else using her for that particular character (...Although, after I cast her, I found one -___-), and in the book canonlitical evidence, while it says very little about this particular character's apperance, I found it unlikely for her to be Indian, due to her name origins.

..Other than that, I've never used Keira Knightley, or entertained the ideas of using her as a Canonlitical character. She just doesn't work for SO many things, BECAUSE she's so pretty. And when you use her for characters with preexisting personalities, it can get a LITTLE into sue-land. In my opinion. I'll example it.

I've seen SO many cases of Hermione!Keira, it ceases to be amusing to me. While SOME people pull off a good enough Hermione for me to overlook the Keiraness, others just do it HORRIBLY, and you've got Pretty!Mione (I shudder and spaz at that fucking nickname. If I EVER get a chance to play Hermione, she will have a DEATH warrent for ANYONE who dare call her that.), and on top of that she's fucking Snape and fucking Ron OVER.

¬¬ Reasoning for using Keira Knightley is because she's 'British and Pretty! Leik OMG!!!!111one!' SO. FUCKING. WHAT? Jack Davenport is British and Pretty, and outside of my dear and beloved Wrenniekins, I've NEVER seen someone use him for an RP character in the Potter!Verse. Although, logically, I suppose he could be used for lots of characters. Like, I'd make it my mission in life to hunt down a Harry player who would use Jack Davenport as a Future!Harry, and confess my undying love to them. Then offer to have their babies. I personally think, if played right, with is 'OMGTEHAWESOMENESS!' Naturally Green eyes, Jack Davenport would be the grounds of a good Harry. He's even got that little swoosh of hair that falls over his forehead in some pics. <3 The Swoosh.

Another thing that makes me angst beyond all reason is when people cast Keira as Luna. Hermione is one thing. I get the wavy hair, and the dark eyes, even though I firmly stand by she is too damn pretty, but Luna?! it makes me angst. A WHOLE lot. Because, no matter how you may argue it to me, that Keira has 'dirty blonde' hair, which she does...did. Its like... black now... but yeah. She does have dirty blonde hair. And Canonly, Luna also has dirty blonde hair. But she's also got light eyes, which Keira most CERTAINLY doesn't have. And they're described as rather large and unblinking. Again, NOT a Keira trait.

..And she's WAAAAY too pretty. The only Luna I have ever seen that has actually had an avatar that stands up to what I envision Luna to look like, is Spammy's Luna.

...I understand its hard to find a good avatar. Really, I do. One day, I'll compile a list of EVERY one of my C's, and my reasons behind their Avatars. I can't say I've never chosen an avatar just because they were pretty, but I can say that the times when I have have been few, and generally speaking those pretty C's seem to have only been deemed pretty by myself.

...But really. Leave Keira alone. Use her for Elizabeth. Use her for an Original character where you can properly balence fault with beauty. But don't use her for a character who's imperfection was the fact that she was a little awkward. By giving her teh pretty face, you totally destroy that aspect of Rowling's books.

...This was a rant, by Varis Anubi. Gonna consult with the Caity B and see if this is K.com worthy.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled idiocy.