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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Will somone PLEASE tell the muses in my head to shut up? ARGH! it seems like, since school's almost over, and ALWAYS when no one is around, my muses go 'hey, lets bug the Varis!! WHEE!! *Botherbotherbother*'

....And, because I have to write it down, list of all the muses who want play, but won't shut the fuck up, and random ideas they're giving me.

Hestia - Not surprisingly, at the top. Her birthday is coming up folks. Its this Sunday. She wants to do something.

Lucia - Is just pissed I haven't played her in forever.

Otsune - Was talking with Alexpi, and got to thinking about her pastness, and I'm trying to figure out what her background is. I want to play her right now, but as I don't have ANY idea where she is, or where Tian is, or any of that, I can't. @___@

Raina - ...I have so much to do with Raina, it scares me. First, she needs to talk to someone about trying to find Gus's parents, then she's got to find out more about her OWN parents. And she needs to talk to Harper too, about Circus-War related stuffs. *Koff* Because she's now considering leaving the Circus after the war is over, but she'd have to be sure of a few things in En Passant before she can do that.

Gabrielle - Wants to play, because I need to establish her connections to the Noir King, and get her into that front line position.

Ron - Just wants to play because he's got a new picture. And stuff.

Aurelie - I need to think up something to do with her. Regarding her whole past situation, and whatnot. but baaah.

Alambil - Just wants out of Solitare.

Lebony - I...don't know what she's doing right now. I think I may make her an Ambassador, or something. I just wanna play her.

...I think that was everyone. @__@ Stupid muses.