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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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More log!
five more seconds;
Dunno if the formatting will work on this...

Eleora rested comfortably on a
patch of grass just beneath the shade of the trees in the clearing surrounding
the Orphanage. She had spread over her knees a pale blue quilt. She smiled as she
glanced in between her clicking needles and the children running around the
open yard, some with the gifts other Tarot left in their passing, others using
their imaginations.

She had heard gradually more news from the city, Lyuba
visiting had given her some insight, and she had recently heard Davin was once again safe, and in Lyuba's
care. She would go visit him soon enough, or if Lyuba
brought the wagons, she would see to him then, if he'd been made to sit still
longer than a few moments, that is. But, for now, she would remain with the
children, as was her way.


Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/26/2004 9:28:11 PM)

"As so our lady sits amongst her people, royal in every respect.."

Issac says softly, as so not to disturb her from
her knitting. He understands he's made quite a woman or two drop a stitch by
sneaking up on on them, and he tries to modulate
that. He gestures to the seat beside her, smiling down at her from a longways up.

"May I?"

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/26/2004 9:31:24 PM)

Eleora doesn't look up, but she smiles softly. She'd
heard the trees whispering amongst themselves as they do, gossiping about those
walking the paths known by many, and those known by few.

"Please, do." She finished off the row, and set her needles over
the fabric carefully, before finally looking up.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/26/2004 9:32:33 PM)

Issac dips his head in a bow, and settles his tall
frame on the ground next to her. He watches the knitting for a moment or two
with interest, before leaning his head back against the trunk.

"Little birds told me you wanted to speak to me?"

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/26/2004 9:49:34 PM)

"Quite." She went on with her knitting again, loop one, pearl two, or
however it goes. The mun isn't a knitter, she doesn't

"I've heard from little birds, that you have made a new
friend?" Her smile widened slightly, as her eyes kept on her working
hands. "..I've also heard you have been a little more than the normal
level of stressed." She looked at him out of the corner of her eye then.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/26/2004 9:51:20 PM)

If it was quite possible for Issac's face to twist in
both directions, it was attempted right then. After a moment, he sighed and
tipped his gaze upwards.

"Her name is Raina ... and she is all ways
perfection. Their names are Davin, Elyias, Dakiera Ultan, and Beh, and they are all
ways chaos and frustration. Does that answer your question?"

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/26/2004 10:03:01 PM)

Eleora chuckled lightly, her eyes returning again to
her knitting.

"Raina? Her name
sounds familar, she was born in En Passant, I heard?
And I know of Davin and Dakiera's
influence on your moods, I can assume easily enough what effect Ultan would have, you two did always enjoy getting at one
another... but what of Elyias and Beh?"
She hadn't heard about the latter two taking off into the wild unknown. Those
were bits of information that had not yet found their way through the trees and
to her ears.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/26/2004 10:26:30 PM)

"She's a member of Harper's Circus ... a fire dancer." A faint smile
touched Issac's lips at this thought - the flames and
Raina's determined expression. "She was raised
in Sorry, actually, to a Red blacksmith. Her mother was dying, and chose to
save her daughter by leaving her with strangers."

A brave woman, by all accounts. At her question, he
sighed, rubbing his temples. "Beh has gotten
himself involved with the Red Princess ... yes I know, Fate plays weird tricks,
and now he's off to Trelisso to make sure they get
off safely. It just means trouble. And Elyias, as is
his way, is putting his duty above and beyond everything else. Normally, I
wouldn't worry ...but there are too many dark portents."

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/26/2004 11:06:18 PM)

Eleora smiled quietly as he spoke about Raina. She watched him carefully out of the corner of her
eye, but her needles never stopped moving. She then noted the sudden change
from speaking of the girl to their own matters. Her eyes moved straight in
front of her, and she followed one of the children, Derek, by name, as he ran
after one of the girls, caught up in a game of tag.

"...I expect that Beh and Elyias
knew what they were doing as they left. As brash as Beh
can act, he has landed on his feet many times before. And Elyias
is a capable man." She turned her head, and smiled fondly at Issac, as a mother would to her favorite son, although all
of those grown and still children were her favorites. None was held above the
rest in her mind, and each was beautiful and perfect in his or her own unique
way, such was the way of The Empress.

"..But, this is not a place for worry. I would turn your mind to things
that make you happier. What else can you tell me of your girl? How old is she?
I may have known her parents, if what little I've heard is true." She turned
again to her knitting, waiting patiently for his answers.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/26/2004 11:11:23 PM)

"You know, you all keep saying that. May I remind you that perhaps Fate
tips one way, but it always tips the other eventually. Davin
might not die, Ultan might not be able to save
everyone, Beh's luck may run out, and Elyias may not be able to talk his way out of the next

Issac sighed a little. He supposed this was the
problem being what he was. He was forced to see both sides of the issue,
always. He couldn't just focus on one.

"...Did you bring me here to speak of romanace?
I can tell you she's warm, and beautiful, but she doesn't think she is. That
her hands are a little rough, but her face is smooth. Her smile is a little
crooked, and her eyes are like dark pools. I cannot tell you about her parents,
although she is not much more than twenty."

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/26/2004 11:33:11 PM)

"...Yes, but it could still remain the way it always has. Trusting to Hope
is easier for those of us who don't rationalize with both sides of the
coin." She smiled slightly. "We're only human, Issac."

She watched him from the corner of her eye again, her needles slowing
slightly. "..I did, in a way. The happiness of those dear to me is more
important than most matters. I'd like to meet her. If she's no more than
twenty, her parents wouldn't be much older than I, and I've learned the names
of many, if not all, of those Tarot who have passed
through my Woods during my time here."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/26/2004 11:34:53 PM)

Issac let the subject drop. Obviously, Eleora had been talking to the others, and the others
wanted him distracted from his own thoughts. So he slouched enough to make the
Empress happy, and scheduled his afternoon to force himself to forget his

"I will bring as soon as I am able."

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/26/2004 11:52:04 PM)

Eleora's eyes returned once again to her knitting,
and she nodded. "Wonderful." She let the silence go on for a moment,
broken only by the laugher of the children, before she tilted her chin back

"..How is your health? You've been sleeping and eating properly?"
Sometimes that made quite the difference to the tired and edgy. Although, in experiance, Eleora hand learned
it wasn't always easy to tell with Issac.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/26/2004 11:56:33 PM)

...The inability to lie sometimes a curse. Issac
clears his throat a little, looking at his hands for a moment. "No, not exactly."

He could defend this position. He really could. There were a million and one
reasons why he hadn't been eating properly or sleeping much at all. Really. He just hoped they were the truth.

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/27/2004 12:03:57 AM)

The needles stopped, and she turned her head to look at him.

"..Issac." She said, her tone almost becoming
that of a scolding mother, but not quite. She advised, she didn't reprimand. Or tried not to, at least. "...Why are you finding it
necessary to put your health at risk, for anything?"

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 12:06:01 AM)

A very deep sigh. Honesty, here we go.

"Because everyone is taking chances. It is as
if the war has given everyone some insane death wish. And I ..." he clears
his throat a little, "...I have been trying to make it all balance

Which meant a near contest testing of the fragile world of
probabilities, one side or another, tipping the scales.
He spent hours
trying to figure out how to keep Dakiera alive,

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/27/2004 12:14:20 AM)

Die Roller:

1d100: 45, for a total of 45

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/27/2004 12:19:42 AM)

Eleora frowns slightly, her eyes turning forward
again. "You are but one man, Issac." Her
eyes travelled upwards, and she stared at the leafy
green canopy of the forest. "If you insist on not sleeping or eating
properly, you'll seal your own Fate, should this war come down to
it." No, she wasn't reversed, but she was hovering dangerously close to
it. So, forcing a deep breath, and closing her eyes, she looked back at her knitting,
and began to roll it away. "You need to take care of yourself first, and
others second. Lest you not be there when they do need
Justice to be on their side."

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 12:21:58 AM)

Issac exhaled, and said nothing. There was nothing to
be said, when the Empress decided to have her say. He could only imagine what
he would get from Lyuba when she found out.

"Yes Empress, I shall do as you command." He said quietly,
watching the children play.

Eleora Vargas (Varis)

(5/27/2004 12:31:08 AM)

Eleora nodded, and finished rolling her knitting. She
then stood, and after watching the children a moment, she turned and smiled to Issac.

"I just ask it. You don't want me to set Lyuba
on you, I'm sure. You're a big boy making grown up decisions. I'd hope you'll
make the right ones." Her tone is sincere enough, although not entirely
different from the way one speaks to a child.

"..Now, I have dinner to attend to. Do you wish to join us?" That, was an offer. Although she'd like to insist he come
every morning noon and night to be
fed, she wouldn't. Like she'd said. He was a grown
man, and it all came down to what he decided on. As much sway as she would try
to have, it all came back to that.

Issac Meridian (Wren)

(5/27/2004 12:34:53 AM)

Issac snorts a little - Major Arcana
never just suggested - but he rose to his feet and nodded agreement. "I
will be glad to join you, and the children. After all, wouldn't want them to
develop bad habits."