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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Just randomly....
five more seconds;
..Is it bad, that after watching POTC again, I've decided I hate Will/Elizabeth? I don't know. Its really odd, but as much as I say I like Orlando, he's just lost so much appeal to me. He's got nice eyes, yes. His hair is shiny, yes. But otherwise... he's not that attractive to me.

....He's probably too young, seeing as I've developed the obsession for the 30+ club.. *Drools on Johnny Depp and Viggo Mortensen and David Wenham and Tom Cruise and Jack Davenport* @__@ That's nice. I'm eighteen and I only find men who are like... twenty years older than me hot.

...But yeah. Was watching POTC, and Mmm... Johnny and Mmmm... Jack and Eeeh.. Orlando. I suppose Troy killed it for me. He was hot before Troy, but whenever I watch him now, I just remember the scene where Paris chickened out and clung to Hector's ankle. *Was the only person in the entire theatre who broke into hysterical laughter at that point*

..I was also thinking, oddly enough, that I felt like I should write Elizabeth/Norrington. Because, you know, the good Commodore did sincerely care about Elizabeth, and if like.... I killed Will off in an effective way, it could totally happen.

..Well, I'd have to not ship Jack/Norrington in it, which would make me sad, but if I wanted it to be Elizabeth/Norrington, then I could prooooooooobably quiet my inner slashy-girl.

...I may just do it. I'll have to see if the muses agree with me.