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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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(no subject)
five more seconds;
Okay well since sleep is not happening right now because SMELL OF EW OUTSIDE WON'T GO AWAY...


comment to this entry with questions for any of my RP characters list there. Go nuts, ask whatever, and characters I've played in the past that aren't there count too.
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Abigail! What are you going to do now.

Haruka! Do you think there's any hope for Leeroy as a functional member of the team, or are you just going to invest in that duct tape?

Oliver! How do you like being a daddy? :]

Shoot myself in the head.

Barring that, I may just cave and go see him on his birthday. I owe him that, at least.

Hell if I know. He's a good kid, but even once we figure out what his power is, I don't know if it'll actually be something we'll be able to actively put to use.

I am up to my ears in nappies and I swear to fucking God that Helene is possessed by the devil.

All that aside, it's pretty good, I guess. Fuck if we're having any more though, jesus.

Haruka: Do you regret starting out in porn?

Leila: Do you realize Thomas may not have always wanted to be loved by the public/people/etc.?

Jesse: Do you hold any fondness for Alana?

Sometimes. But I really wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't. It's a dark mark on my personal record, but it isn't something I look back on and think 'I shouldn't have done that.'

Do you think I'm a good kisser, Jane?

do you really need to ask~?

Abigail: Past relationships- I'm curious about them.

I have dated between six and ten men in my past, and one of them I lost my virginity to.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah. The apartments are completely empty.

Now, I'm probably spending a lot of my time with Jack, working on the knife training and other stuff. And my brother too, but that's a given.

This will be retarded.


OLIVER, if not for Skuld, where do you think you would've headed? And I mean that in every possible factor you can think of.

RIA, crush on anyone but Elian thar?

see. Retarded.

Probably would've been an Angel. Probably would've fucked Acacia, at least once, probably would've been the one to kill her, or at least order her death.

Probably would've been a completely different person than I am now.

Um, not really? I loved Kane very much, but he was more like the older brother I never had. I always felt differently about Elian.

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