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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Well like, whoa.
five more seconds;
Haven't updated in a bit.

Am REALLY unmotivated right now. Should've been doing Powerpoint for English. I've decided I'm not going to bother, and I'll rummage for poster board tomorrow, and hand it into her a day late. I just really can't work tonight. My brain isn't focusing on much other than RP at the moment.

Which is fine by me, because YAY FOR RP!!!

Seriously. I heart Checkmate so much. When I first joined it was kind of like 'weeell..' and I didn't know anyone except Myffie and Joie, but Mihr was all nice and wonderful,and Alexi was too, and then Laurie joined, and dragged Wrennie along with her, then Sly, and it was all splendiforous.

...Although, I've become a hypocrite and done the exact thing I've been nagging other people for doing. Neglecting M&M. @__@ Bad me.

...SO. Anyone who wants me this week for M&M gets priority over Checkmate RP. Although, I'll be doing Checkmate anyway, M&M will be at the top of the list for RPage. If someone wants me for M&M, and I'm doing one Checkmate RP, and someone wants me for another or something, the M&M will take precident. (..As I've never attempted more than two RPs at once, I don't know if my brain could handle it or not.)

....So.. yeah. That's all.

Two more weeks till I get out of school! OH MY FUCKING GOD! @___@

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...Goddamnit Brad, I try really hard to NOT remember that. WHY did you have to draw that point? Sheesh. Blow aaaaaaall the time I spend pretending I'm not associated with your crazy self in ANY way, and here you go posting to my LJ about knowing me too. EEESH! HAVE A LITTLE TACT, WILL YOU?!?!?!?!?!?

...I love you, really I do. XD

2 weeks huh? Not bad, I have 3 finals next week and a math quiz tomorrow... mew!!

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