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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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...Wow. XD
five more seconds;
Hey arisato!

Go Badgers, Go Badgers, Go! Go!

I came across that while looking for icons for my new Susan Bones. XD

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But they bastardized Zacharias Smith, so I do not be respekkin' them.

Poor Zach. They put scary picture of boy who couldn't possibly be Zach. o__O I was like '....whut?' The icons are pretty good though. *nodnod* And the Essay about how Hufflepuffs aren't pushovers. Zach bastardization aside, its a good attempt to spread awareness for the Pufflehuffles.

... ohmigods. *grins dumbly* There's a site. I'm not sure if I should squeal or count if I have enough money for my house scarf yet.

...You know you could like... make one? Learn that stuff where you take the thingies and put them together, and make scarf-thing? Yarn is like.. what... a buck a roll-thing?

Re: House pride! :D

.. okay.. ya know.. it's just safer for me to buy one. Really, I don’t want to go into it, but it'll be fore the grater good to buy one and not burn something.

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