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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Still haven't uploaded more icons, but I need to whinge a bit right now.

1. WHY Do people keep forgetting David Wenham is in Van Helsing? My LORD. I was just looking at this thing someone posted from a Magazine, David Wenham wasn't even MENTIONED as part of the cast. Um, hello? He's got a bigger part that Josie Maran, and yet you never leave HER out. WHAT THE FUCK? Sorry. Just really really irritates me.

Did find a good picture of David in his Carl getup though. Hee. He's got Holy water and seems to be concentrating on it VERY carefully.

2. I NEED a Parvati in Splinched people. PLEASE. I am BEGGING ya'll to go forth, look at it, and APPLY HER DAMMIT. If you need Padma backstory to apply Parvati, IM me, Email me, Phone me, WHATEVER. I need me a Parvati.

3. I want to go see Kill Bill Vol 2, and Van Helsing, but my dad is NEVER around. I told him I wanted to go see Kill Bill, and yet, no go. I said I wanted to see Van Helsing when it came out, but I bet I'm not gonna be able to see that either. My chance with Hidalgo has passed, its out of theatres. I'll have to wait until its out on DVD. ARGH.


Okay, Whinging over.

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hey vicky. it's tara! :) ummm...who's david wenham?

...The guy who owns this butt.

...Otherwise known as one of the guys in Lord of the Rings... Uh. Well, he's Australian, and cute in that rugged not-Orlando Bloom-sorta way.

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