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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Meme thingy.
five more seconds;
5th sentance of my 23rd post (On this journal)

Like, when Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas,Gimli, Pippin and Merry, and Eomer all rode out to challenge the Black Gate (..With no Mouth I might add ¬¬) There was ANOTHER guy with them, all armored out and carrying a flag.

And on my first journal its

You're An Inu (Dog)! Loyal and protective. A true friend all the way. You love having yours ears scratched, and being near your loved ones

...I did a whole lot of quizzes on that first journal. o__O And I read my first post. HOLY christ I was stupid. Gawd. Swooning over Eric. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHG! I'm really glad I'm SO over that swooning shit. Its really really pathetic.

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It's just FANTASY!!!!!!!!!

It's just fantasy. It's not real! I'm finding it really pointless to swoon over a bunch of crap that's not real! And frankly your really morbid, I mean "Die with Me" What if I don't want to die with you... what if I want to die all by myself??? Huh Huh did you ever think of that?

Re: It's just FANTASY!!!!!!!!!

...Okay. One, who the FUCK are you?

Two, What the fuck are you talking about? You haven't got a clue what I'm swooning over.

Three, I'm not morbid you dumbshit, my 'reply to comment' messages aren't reflecting my need to slit my wrists, be a fucking Gothic whiny-baby and cry about no one loves me, it goes with the layout. You know, matching? The character I have on my layout is someone who lost all meaning to her life, so hence the 'Die With me'

And frankly, you're stupid. And I don't want you dying with me either.

Re: It's just FANTASY!!!!!!!!!

Amen to that! Lol, stupid anon people.

Re: It's just FANTASY!!!!!!!!!

what the fuck is an anon???

okay so now your all Jonny Depp? GET A LIFE! and will your at it change your pants more often! Last week you wore the same pair 4 or 5 days in a row! THAT'S JUST GROSS!

Re: It's just FANTASY!!!!!!!!!

who the fuck are you? You don't even know me! And for your stupid mind 'anon' is short for anonymous. DUH! Also, what do you mean, and I quote "okay so now your all Jonny Depp?" I've always liked Johnny Depp!

Re: It's just FANTASY!!!!!!!!!

He wasn't talking to you, he just asked what anon ment to you. Probably doesn't understand the concept of LJ, got all confused.

Re: It's just FANTASY!!!!!!!!!

yeah, I realized that after I wrote the comment. duh! *hits forehead with palm of my hand*

Re: It's just FANTASY!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Dipshit. If you weren't a stupid fat retard, You'd know that.

I've always been all about Johnny Depp John you fucking pissant bastard.

...Oh, wait. Little words. I forget your brain is the size of a pea.

Go. To. Fucking. Hell.

Haven't you ever heard of a washing machine? You know, that thing that people put clothes in, and they get clean? MY GOD THE CONCEPT! I do not have a lot of pairs of pants. Unlike some people, I can't afford to go out and buy new things all the time, so I make due with what I have. BY CLEANING THEM SO FUCK OFF.

And JUST so you know, I have your IP address, because you were stupid enough to post an anonymous comment. You know what that means? I can turn it over to Joe Mailman, or one of my other 'computer geek' friends, and they can send a lovely and nasty virus your way.

And just so you know how I know its you you little fuckhead, remember how I told you to learn to spell? The proper sentance is while you're at it. My fucking word.

And if it isn't John, I'll figure it out. And you'll be getting that virus anyway. Fucker.

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