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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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If I could die today, I'd just be dead, and you'd think I was still around, just kinda emo.
five more seconds;
My head hurts. Like, badly.

Hung out with tank_n_zanna today. Was good because she's going away soon and I'll be without her, so I'll have to become emo.

..Emo was a large topic of discussion, and I feel I need to incorperate it randomly into my speech right now.

I'm REALLY pissed at the WB right now, because I've started seeing trailers for these so called 'new shows' that they're cutting Angel to 'make way for.' Okay, HOW does a show about how you humiliate poor people who can't sing by making them think they can AND some show about a woman on a beach with a random BABY justifiable for what you're doing to a MAJOR fandom?!?

GRRRR!!!!!!! Fucking wankers.

I think part of the reason my head hurts so much is because I watched part of One Tree Hill. That show hurts my soul. A lot. Chad Michael Murray is hot, but that is the ONLY good thing about that show. ONLY. And he's not hot enough to save the whole thing.

...On the upside, when I taped Angel last week when I went away, I got a Van Helsing commercial, that ACTUALLY had David Wenham in it! *Squee!* So excited. I'm SO going to see that movie. Kill Bill 2, then Van Helsing, then Harry Potter 3 when that comes out. YAY!!!

We've got our computer up and running. I hope I'll actually get to use it tomorrow. Dad's been on it ALL day, learning about XP..... @_____@

Other than that, I've been musing Lacey. I wanna play her. I need to do stuff with her. She's just been collecting dust. Blaaah.

Okay. I'm gonna be on for another 15 minutes, and then I am going to go SLEEP! Unless I get distracted. Which often happens. ~_~