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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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never belonged;
baaa. snagged from everyone and your mom.

Most of you on my flist don't really know my original characters personally. Small wonder, I don't really write much for them beyond RPing, though I really should. To remedy this to some small degree and give you a small introduction to the madness, I propose this:

Give me a bit of inspiration. A picture, a poem, a summary of a story, some words you'd like it themed on, etc. I'll write for the character you specify or the character I want to write for. It doesn't matter. No word limit, no nothing. I'll also include a bit of backstory if it's needed, or even link you to their 20 facts post, if they have one.

All my characters are listed here, I'd rather my originals got the prompts, but you're free to attack my fandom characters too, if you wish. XD

EDIT; made it public because I'm a whore for comments.

James Weyde Malcolm sixfloorsdown [one+two]
Kenneth Wong failthesetrials [one+two+three]
Leila Evans upwardstruggle [one+two+three]
Haruka Ishida burstlight [one+two+three+four]
Amaryllis Reynolds whileshesings [one]
Jane Brown nohonesty [one+two+three]
Ariela Sophia Belini littledefects [one+two+three]

Oliver Malcolm seun [one+two]
Victoria Reynolds papermagic [one+two+three]
Ba Lin Yao bousek [one]
Wynnifred Meadows soulsastray [one

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Oliver - Hotpants.

Ria - Snow.

James - Christmas.

Kenneth - Mornings.

Leila - Jealousy.

There was this game that Oliver liked to play. It was called 'see-how-annoyed-you-can-get-the-wife-without-getting-beat.'

Most of the time, he failed, because Skuld would either laugh at him and walk away, or swat him over the head with whatever happened to be in her hand at the time (More often than not, these days, it was a bottle or a diaper, which was unfortunate.)

A lot of the time, he'd be surfing the internet, and, being a guy, would poke curiously into lingerie sites. Then he would promptly point out things he thought Skuld would look hot in.

The page he currently had open showed a pair of rather tight hot pink hotpants.

"Hey, Kitty!" He called over his shoulder, grinning a little and leaning back in his chair. The twins were in the other room, watching that stupid cartoon that was the only thing that'd get them to fall asleep, so he knew there was no danger in either one toddling their way in.

Skuld appeared a moment later, caught a glimpse of what was on the computer screen, rolled her eyes, and walked back out of the room.

Oliver threw his arms up in victory, and promptly lost his balance, crashing backwards to the floor.

Haruka: a light in the dark

Amaryllis: Family

Jane: Dreams

She couldn't sleep. She was naked, her back pressed up against Hayden's chest because that was the only way she was ever warm, and she could hear him breathing in her ear. It was likely he was the reason she couldn't fall asleep, but there were other reasons too, there always had been, for her insomnia. Thinking too much about things tended to do that.

The room was pitch black, which was something she'd had to master to accomplish, considering there was a street light right outside her window. Her eyes drifted to where she knew it to be, remembering the day she'd put up the heavy black curtains and considered it a success. Then she remembered when she was tiny, back home in Osaka, and she'd been afraid to go to sleep without a light. Her mother had bought her a Hello Kitty nightlight, because Hello Kitty was her favorite, and had plugged it in right next to her bed.

That was one of the few happy memories Haruka had of her mother. She closed her eyes, feeling strangely emotional, before twisting around in the bed so she was face to face with her bedmate, although he didn't really move much. She liked that about him. She could shift against him all she wanted while he was asleep, and he wouldn't budge. Since she was a restless sleeper, that was a good quality for whoever she was sharing a bed with to have.

Gradually, she concentrated energy into her fingers, just enough for her hand to glow softly and illuminate the few inches of space the two of them occupied. Her eyes always easily adjusted to the light, but she supposed that was just part of her ability. She glanced at her watch, before reaching out to touch Hayden's face, her hand still illuminated. She didn't expect him to reach up and take hold of her hand, still seemingly asleep and pull it under the blanket, the light becoming muffled by the covers, and then she let it go out, laughing a little. Maybe he wasn't as heavy a sleeper as she'd thought.

Ria: Candles and cards

Haruka: Starburst

Ria still practiced things that she had learned growing up, despite being away from her mother, and struggling now with a faith of some larger power beyond the spirits in the things all around them.

Still, there were a few things she would do, although she hadn't dared to do them months ago when everyone still drew breath.

Setting candles down in the living room of the apartment where she, Kane, and now Ris lived, late at night after the other two had gone to bed, she lit each one, one by one, silently remembering what her mother had told her each symbolized.

Then she pulled from a satin pouch she kept under her pillow a deck of worn tarot cards, shuffling the familiar cardboard cards between her hands, before carefully laying them down.

It was a long time before she touched the first one, turning it over.

At the sight of skull and black, she pulled the cards together quickly, blowing the candles out.

She shouldn't have even considered it.

Haruka - Death
Ariela - Selfishness
Kenneth - Freedom
Leila - Running for our lives

If you asked her about why she always warned Gabe that he was in charge if she died, she'd say she was comfortable with it. Gabe operated on the same wavelength as Haruka, and she felt like despite him feeling himself incapable, he'd be up to it.

What is always left unsaid is that Haruka doesn't accept death. She knows it's something inevitable, but she had dreams, once. She wanted to be something special, someone spectacular. And in a way, she is, but it's a way no one will ever realize. She wants to see her face on a poster that isn't hanging in a porno hall, and she doesn't want to die before she accomplishes something more than being a bartender or the lover of a musician who will one day go on to be the next Kurt Cobain.

That aside, she's afraid of what's beyond that point. She is fairly certain that she won't survive this war, and she'll put on a nonchalant face, and act like it won't be a big deal if she's the next casualty, but she'd rather it was someone else than her. She enjoys her life, and there's nothing more terrifying than what lies at the end. Because she doesn't know. She doesn't know if there's a God, heaven or hell, and things she doesn't know, but has to plunge into inevitably, terrify her.

[Prompt because snapple posted it on the wrong post]

Lin hadn't realized she'd fallen in love when she had. her heart had been cold and hard and it wasn't until she had agreed to marry Bing that she realized she loved him. There was so much about the world she hated, but it was surprising how just one person could make her smile, and feel as though the world wasn't such a bitter place.

It was in his memory she turned from being a destroyer of humanity to trying to save it. Because while they were both fighting for the side of the Earth... She somehow knew, he may have just been there because she'd needed him. And she'd lost him to that fight, so she didn't want to fight it anymore. She wanted to stand against everything she'd thought was the way of doing things, and so she did. In her grief, and in his honor.

...omg I suck. ;__;

What Oliver was thinking while Skuld was giving birth.

and you use the baby icon wtf mo.

He'd sort of wanted to be in the delivery room. But Skuld had kicked him out.

People arrived, Tinka and Phan got to go in, Erich dragged him outside for cigarettes.

That was fifteen minutes of staring and grunting in which Oliver had the chance to not think about anything in general.

Back inside, there was pacing, and no one really talked to him. There was a series of questions that went through his mind, then.

What if the kids are freaks? What if they hate him? What if he's a shitty dad? What if he can't save London? What if--

When the nurse came out into the hallway to call him in, all that disappeared. It was probably the single most important moment of his life. He had two children, and a woman that loved him. Things he never would've even dreamed to dare having a year ago.

And he'd do everything in his power to keep them all safe.

(Deleted comment)
There were little things that Ariela looked forward to every day. Putting on the necklace her grandmother gave her for her sixteenth birthday, walking to school with Murillo and having to repeatedly ask him to slow down so she could keep up, reading a passage of a book out loud in English and not screwing it up.

Ariela tried hard to make the little things count, because she knew, sooner or later, the big things were going to overwhelm her.

Ariela - Sibling rivalry

Kenneth - how to make a day

Leila - pretend not to know them

Jane - okay, I'm lazy and just want to know more about the "killing the grandfather" thing. Spill.

Ariela had never had a brother or a sister. She'd never experienced what many of her friends had called the extreme burden of having someone toddling along after them, or picking on them as children.

She supposed, the closest thing she had to a brother was probably Murillo. Often times she wondered if it was sisterly affection towards him that kept her running up the steps to his home every day, or running into the middle of the schoolyard and jumping on his back to pry him away from whoever he was fighting, although a lot of the time it was because no one else would. He didn't tend to make a lot of friends, or keep them very well. He was mean even to her, but she could be mean back, if she wanted to.

He always seemed to listen to her, for some reason.

Ria: paper cranes

James: four o'clock in the morning

Making cranes had always been a talent of hers. It wasn't particularly wiccan, but she'd learned to make them when she was young, and she just kept at it. Folding the small paper birds became somewhat of a nervous hobby.

She'd folded one dozen the night before she'd left for New York

two dozen the night the choice was solidified

one exactly every time her mind wandered and she realized she was thinking of someone she had no business thinking of in that way.

one hundred the night after they found Elian's body.

She'd always fly them out the windows, send them sailing on their way, because she couldn't keep so many paper cranes around.

She always kept one, though. One that she left behind, after picking through the rubble and destruction of New York.

She left it where her friends were buried, or at least those who had had a chance to be buried. One was across the sea, the other... well, she didn't know where Ris was now, and she didn't have time to try and find her.

But that one crane, that was the first crane she'd made when she dared to hope that there was a chance for this ruined city.

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