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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Hey Look!!!
five more seconds;
Its me!

I'm baaaack. I KNOw you all missed me so VERY much. *Koff* Or not. I'm sure some people didn't even realize I was gone. Ah well.... *Unloved.*

Sooo, trip was good. Brewer got all First Placement trophies, although we didn't get best overall. Still, that was wicked awesome. We've never gotten all firsts.

Busch Gardens was cool. Went on a roller coaster. Was neat. Bought stuff.

Buses aren't fun. And Creeeeepy guys staring at you aren't fun either.

I'm home now, and I'm musing Hestia wicked bad. Someone, anyone, want to play with her? Pleeease? I haven't gotten to play her in like, two weeks. Maybe longer. I think the last time I got to play her was when Janie came and catologued her desk, which angsted her out and all. =/


On other note, once computer is returned, going to make new theme for LJ. Will hopefully do mood theme too. All Johnny Depp. ^__^ I feel the need.

That's it.

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aww, i missed you! ::gives love::

Someone told me that the only group from Brewer that was challenged was the concert band and that the jazz band, jazz combo, jazz choir, and the concert choir were all unopposed in our divisions. I don't know if it's true or not but it kind of ruined it for me. I mean if that was the case we didn't even earn them, we just got them cuz we were the only ones in our division.

Well, whoever told you that was misinformed. Concert Choir was challenged, we were in the same division as two other choirs. Jazz Choir was the only group in our class, as well as Jazz band and combo, but just because we were the only ones doesn't mean we got first by default. The actual system they judge by is its more like grading. 1st is like an A, 2nd B, and so on.

...So yeah. No worries mate. Wasn't John who told you that, was it? If it was, don't listen to him. He's a fucking idiot. Although I'm sure I don't need to tell you that.

*looks sheepish* How did you guess it was John? Lol. I don't know where he got his info...

I have fucktard radar. Any bullshit spread by him I can generally detect right off.

I'd assume he was pulling it out of his ass, or taking the information that I gave you and twisting it around so that he sounded cool and smart and well-informed. Or he just misheard, which he often does, because he's an idiot, and I don't see how anything can penetrate that thick skull with the acception of 'John you are wonderful, John you are a God.' shit like that. Even though no one says that. He's fucking delusional.

Lmfao. :-D

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