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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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@___@ Too ow with head to post lyrical nonsense.
five more seconds;

Leaving in two hours.

Contacts are causing headache-woe.

Tired because Father woke me at ungodly hour, only got five hours of sleep. Yes, I did just say 8am was ungodly. Because it is when you stay up until 3am, and its vacation.

Upside? Passed my Permit Exam, so I can drive legally (with Dad in the car) again.

Got two new DVDs, Edward Scissorhands and Kill Bill. They're both over the 'PG' rating limit that we're supposed to have for the trip, but I dooon't really care. I've got my portable DVD player.

So I won't be back until Sunday folks. I'm going to go finish packing my 'carry-on' and go stare blankly at the wall downstairs.