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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Updating for nooo apparent reason, other than I am bored and stuff.

Umm.. Today was uneventful. Watched Buffy S6, episode Potential. GOOD episode. *nodnod* I <3 Spuffy. SO much. They just make me woe so much. I mean, I'm TOTALLY for Angel/Buffy, but whatever the wrapup at the end of the Angel Series is, wether its Angel or Spike that becomes the Vampy to redeem their humanity, I'll be happy. Just so long as they go find Buffy and live happily ever after.

....Yes, I know that won't happen. but its nice to dream. *sighs.* Speaking of Angel, I totally spaced and forgot that the new episode was Wednesday. *woe* I missed it. *tears* I'm thinking I'll read the transcript on buffyworld, and stare at the screencaps. @__@ Best I can do, really. *sighs* I'm not good enough to wait until it repeats.

Went shopping with stepthing today, got me a new camisole to wear under my choir shirt. Good thing as the new one I bought is fucking polyester. @__@ DOES NOT BREATHE! Dad's like 'You won't be in it THAT long' ah, yeah. Try like, THREE hours? Totally not having it buttoned as much as I can afford, so I need the cami, because I don't want to be running around with my bra showing and stuff. That would scare people.

I fell asleep last night whilst RPing with Wren. @__@ Wasn't good. I had to lie down, just because, and I fell asleep.

I'm on my Mac for now. Our other computer's getting upgraded. Yay! Windows XP! @__@

4 days till Willamsburg!