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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;

Did stuff.

Can't beat Zelda, goddammit. Stupid fucking bombs.

Getting addicted to Katy Rose. Baaaad.

Have muses for Hestia, Olivia, Parvati, and Aurelie(Checkmate version). @___@ Must find Shandriz soon.

Had two choir rehersals after school, which was all well and good. Then went with Sarah T to pick up my script at my house, and then we went to Wendy's for food. Neither one of us had enough money for food, so we cancelled the orders and went to McDonald's for Dollar menu. It was good.

Drama was good.

Home now. Hoping parental unit 002 purchased Kill Bill. Will go down stairs in a bit to see.

.....Done talking now.

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wants to see Kill Bill

Wishes you could bring it on trip

stupid Mr. Harris

Do not have it yet. Stupid father-figure.

And it isn't Mr Harris's fault. Its AAAALLL Mr Frost. If it were up to Mr Harris we'd be like.. watching slasher movies and Lord of the Rings and Kill Bill all the way to Williamsburg.

...Of course, if I get Kill Bill, I'll bring it anyway. We just can't watch it when the teachers are around. But Portable DVD + PS2? Hullo? *S*

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