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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
So, Period saved me from pap smear. For now, at least. Have to go in July for my first one. Yaaay. ¬¬

Went to doctor's AGAIN. routine physical. They stole my blood! T__T I have hole in arm now.

I now have medication for the PMS headaches of doom I get. That's good.

I'm tired, but I can't go to sleep. *sighs* Have to write up ten ruddy note cards for Eeeeeeenglish. @____@ Bah I say! Bah!

All-City Choral night was tonight. That was good. Ish. ITs really sad when the little elementary kids can hold their parts better than a High school choir. PATHETIC. @____@

Meeeh. Almost the end of the week.. then Vacay! WHOO!

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avoid the pap smear as much as possible. I'm telling you, run in the opposite direction when they try to stick medievil metal torture devices where they shouldn't be stuck. *shudder*

But that was the way all city choral night was last year too. I remember that distinctly. Was it worse than normal this year?

Just a question. Have you applied and/or gotten in to any insitutuions of higher learning?

..Yeah. She showed me the instrument of doom. I was like '....Um?' she's like 'It won't hurt, but you might want to start wearing tampons between now and then.' >.>

Yes, it was. @___@ We did good on some of our pieces, but we could be SO much better if people would learn their fucking parts. *CoughJOHNcough*

Yes. I've applied to Hesser college in NH, and I've got to get the Guidance lady to send transcripts, and stuff.

God, yes! It was amazingly pathetic!! My dad commented on that! He didn't say we sounded bad but he said that THEY sounded really good *sticks tongue out at dad* PSH! Anyways...VIRGINIA IN SIX DAYS!!!!


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