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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
WHY is it that when *I* am on my period, I can't be pissed and angsty like everyone else, like ALL the time? WHY is it that I can just be scrolling down the most RANDOM STUPID things, angsting about how no one (Sans Shan and a few other people) thinks of Hestia as a young woman, and then suddenly, do a 180, and be all like '....SQUISH!'

ARGH! @___@ I want to write something, and I want to start it with 'she had flowers in her hair' WHAT THE FUCK? WHY am I suddenly stealing lines from Sam?!?! To describe Hestia no less. @______@

..So, I've got random unexplainable squishy mood, and I want to RP Hestia reallyreally badly now. But its weeeeeeeeeek.. and Joie is all about the Checkmate right now... @____@

...Drabble is good. I'm going to randomly pair Hestia with Charlie, and write drabble, as outside of M&M, Hestia/Charlie is my new Minor HP Canon OTP. I don't know why, I have no reason for it, it just is. I don't want it to be my OTP in M&M. I don't want to have an OTP in M&M, because there are just too many pairings that we all have that I adore. Charlie/Robbie, Arabella/Sirius, Ron/Hermione, Aramis/Hestia, Fleur/Bill, Fred/Ken, Eycalane/Sebastian, Remus/Mary, Susan/Zach, Harry/Padma....

..Okay, I can't think of anymore, but really, I adore all our pairings. Snaps for the pairings! *Snaps*

...Okay. I'm going to go drabble now. It won't take long, I'm sure. Its combining my earlier angst with wibbly, so yeah. It'll be stupid. I promise. Cross my heart, hope to cry, stick a needle in my pie.

I just made that up. I'm fucking BRILLIANT! XD