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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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La de dee.
five more seconds;
So, day starts with me starting out not caring what I'm going to wear, planning to go with my 'Muggle T' and some jeans, ends up with me wearing my black blazer, my sleeveless orange sparkly shirt, jeans, and my low-cut boot thingies. Dressed up a great deal for me.

Got two easter baskets. One from Parental Unit 002, his was small, but crammed with great stuff like jelly bellys (Which he knows I love.) and Reeses peanut butter eggs (More things I love), and a CD that was recommended to him by one of the people at the store. Anyone heard of Katy Rose? She's apparently the 'new big thing' Its... well, its not bad. She's got this Hilary Duff-Avril Lavigne thing going on, with a touch of like...I dunno. Vanessa Carlton. Its rather poppy with a bit of angst and poser-punk. Nothing spetacular, but it isn't horrible.

Got candy from Stepthing, and the basket was rather large. Also got a shirt, and a nightgown. And a hairclip, and apparently there were earrings at some point, but she can't find them.

Went to chruch, had to be bored through service, as its a 'special' day, and I had to sit around during the service. My ruddy gameboy died halfway through. (...What, you didn't actually think I'd listen intently to the stuff I've heard for the past eighteen years of my life did you?) So I just spaced out the last twenty minutes. That was fun.

Went to the Seadog for lunch. Had buffet. Waitress was stupid. Sat for two hours waiting for her to bring the ruddy check.

Went home, and watched Comedy Central for several hours.

Am now on computer.

Dad had two blow-ups at me. Not happy. First one was, 'I am now banned from eating in the living room' because I forgot some wrappers. Second one was about grades and 'missing work' in my Multi and Webpage class, which I'm addressing tomorrow, as its bullshit. She didn't let me finish my bloody project. She made me pass in the one and a half fucking pages I had done. GRR. And she let ALL the slackers finish their projects, but *I* couldn't finish mine.

What. The. Fuck? I can't HELP it if I develop a fucking cyst on my ASS and I have to sit around at home for three FUCKING days. If I could control when I was inable to attend school and when I was able, believe you me, I would NOT have chosen the last three days of the fucking quarter.

So, Have applied to Hesser college. Sorry Laurie, but it looks like you visiting me on weekends will be put off for two years. I need to build up a decent portfolio before I can get into the other college. I'll make plans to come visit you and Wrennie sometime soon though, once I get my licence. And get out of this fucking state. I hate it here, and I want to leave. Thank GOD Shari recommended I go to Hesser, because I would've been stuck at Community College, and that would leave me at home, and I'd just be fucked all over.

So, Associates Degree in Graphics Arts, then Transfer, and Major in Digital Art! Whee! I am smrt!

...Okay, My sister came up with the idea. She is smrt. *Hearts sister* And I'll be close to her, so I can invade on weekends! And, instead of making the painful trip up to Maine for hols, I can just stay with her. The 'rents make their way down eventually anyway. Would save me gas money.

This can work. I feel good about what's going to happen after I graduate for the first time in quite some time.

...I just have to go see my guidance counceller tomorrow and get her to send my transcripts along. Blah.

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"Stuck at Community College"? There's nothing wrong with a good CC. Of course, I was able to get out of Brewer/Bangor when I got my acceptance letter.

Anyway, there really isn't anything WRONG wtih EM Community College, if that's the one you were referring to, I don't like it because it doesn't have the programmes that I want to degree in.

YAY I rambled! *gives herself a cookie*

~Shadows (aka Snowbunny)

I know, but that's why I don't want to go either. The only programmes I could actually enroll in are like 'Culinary Arts' and 'Pre-School teaching' because they only require Algebra 1 for math.

And those REALLY aren't things I want to do. There would be no benefits from that. And I hate kids, so becomeing a Preschool teacher would be like suicide.

Did you look at EMCC and nowhere else? I know that YCCC has a Digital Media programme and CMCC has Graphic Arts.

But you want to be out of State for school, though, correct?

It's okay, as long as you're getting out of there as much as you can at the moment. *hugs*

And maybe we'll come to see you! Driving is fun!

...you play your gameboy during the church service?

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