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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I've got this sudden urge to write a Ron solo. I blame it on Figgy, because I looked at her icon in her last post, which was the one where Ron was lying on the ground after the white queen took his knight, and he was all unconcious-like. It made me think 'I hope I get to do that.'

...Well, yeah. What I mean is, I really hope I get a chance to explore that whole aspect of Ron's personality. That 'I would Die for my friends' drive. Because that's one of the many things that I Heart about Ron.

I'd really like to play him when I'm not feeling gross or tired sometime, though. Because I haven't done him justice at all in my last few RPs with him. Its just been like 'Yes, He is Ron.' 'Yes, He beat up Malfoy' 'Yes, he won't apologise to the git' 'Yes, Varis is stupid and incoherent.'

...I'd like to apologise to Figgy, Wren, and Dany for last night. My brain was just not working, and it was horrible. u__U

I've got a headache tonight again. Nooot cool. I may be coming down with something again, which SUCKS. @__@

...Forgot to take my meds yesterday, and today. Not good.

...That's about it then. I'm gonna go to bed in a bit, curl up with OotP and read that for a while. If I'm still in a Ronny mood tomorrow, I'll write random drivel, which will be fun.

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I always blame you Figgy. You're my scapegoat. And that is why I <3 you. =p

Awwww... Don't be like that! I'll have to shower you with an obnoxious amount of affection!

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