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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Just about the most uneventful day ever.
five more seconds;
Selpt until 11:30. That was nice.

Cleaned living room.

Got online, and proceeded to ponder applying for an RP that the Hermione at another one of my RP's asked me to join. The idea is decent, and I was thinking about applying for Hestia, but then I remembered that in my entire time with the other RP, I've only actually RPed with one other person, and every single journal post my character has made has gone ignored by all other people. Which really squicks me when I've been at another RP that's got just about the same amount of members, for like, three days, and the characters I have there have gotten WAY more posts to their journals then the characters I have in the TWO spinoffs of the other one.

Needless to say, I'm not applying.

Then I worked a bit on Forever Fantasy which still has an undetermined release date. I've got the application form started, at least. Also set up the community for that 'Charlie Era' RP I was musing on. Having issues sorting out what characters would be there in canon, other than Hes, Charlie, Myron, and Kirk, however. ¬¬ I think that's it, so the RP will probably be mostly OC's, which I'm fine with. If it takes off once I set stuff up, that is.

Then, plotted a bit. That was good.

Then went to IGA. got food. Have eaten half pizza, am very full now.

Now, I look for Arr Pee..... Once Shan gets on I can bug her for the Charlie/Hestia thing we planned to do. Hee.