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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I shouldn't bother with this, because I can GUESS who will be the only ones to reply to this. Brad probably will, and Myf will, and MAYBE Figgy. But that's usually it. I've got fifty people on my friends list, and three of them actually read my journal. @___@ I am so very loved.

..But yeah. As I'm bored, and hyper on chocolate and lots of sleep, Ask me questions. As many as you want. I will give you answers to the best of my ability. This has been ripped off from Figgy and Myf and Joie and probably several other people.

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Bob J Bertybins.

Purple, with just a hint of pink mixed in.

To harass you about your Audrey icon. XD

And likewise, my dear! XD

¬¬ I will discover YOUR weakness one day, and I will make an icon of it. And then all will see me as the superior persony thing that conquered the EVIL that is the girl who has an Audrey icon.

Hey! I respond! Just for that, you get no question, WENCH!

Hee. Except for one.

Why cookies?


...Well.. then.

I'm not totally sure why cookies. I think it started with the 'Oreo Sis' thing Traci and I started waaaay back when I was a Frosh, and then I was the Queen of Oreo, and then what with Figgy and all her PIE!ness, I felt that the Pie was unblanaced. So, cookies. Cookies balance pie. Cookies go with pie. You can make a cookie pie. Its all relative.

....I don't think that made any sense. XD

... frighteningly, that made sense to me.

Whee! You've graduated to being able to make sense of incoherent Varis!Logic! Go Laurie! *Gives Diploma*

*has been reading, or at least trying to catch up with her entire friends' list over the weekends*

Anyway, question!

Why is the moon made of cheese?

...It is made of cheese, because David's butt isn't big enough.

...I have to choose *whine* Can't I have both? Like... Cakepi, or Picake?

@___@ I can't choooooooooooose. *Head explodes*

...I can't even pretend that's a question.

Ok. I've got a question.

Why do I like pie?

.....Because you're Figgy?

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