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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Joined buthogwarts which is basically the RP for the characters beyond Hogwarts at the other one I just joined.

I play Chaaaaaaaaaarlie! =D firey_charlie

...Go forth and look at his icons, for they are David Wenham, and they are beautiful.

...And I was able to restrain myself from using any butt icons, so neener.

..We need Weasleys though. Charlie is Bill-less. Anyone of my dear friends want a Bill? I don't think Fred and George are being played... actually.. from what I can tell the only Weasleys other than Ginny and Ron (And Charlie, of course) are Percy. o_o

...I'll give you cooooookiess.... and I'd be willing to make icoooooooooooons... just so long as you give me pictures, because it hurts my head to go find actors with red hair.

..Anywhoo... I'm gonna head to bed early tonight, so ya'll won't see me until tomorrow afternoonish. I just need sleep. Very very tired Varis. *noddles* But, you know. Tomorrow is Friday, so you'll have me all weekend.

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*Random musing* In the hat picture, he looks vaguely like the actor who play Arthur Weasley. o.O I may just be seeing things, though.

A bit. I've actually found some pictures where he looks a lot more like Arthur. Its kinda amusing. I did not use them though, because they were un-Charlie, and the Taxi-driver hat was WAY too much. And the cashmere sweater. Nice, but not something a Dragon Handler would wear.

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