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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I am NOT amused.
five more seconds;
...So, being my dad is evil, and couldn't schedule to go to work after 4:30, EVEN THOUGH I gave him my schedule like, two weeks ago, I have no clue how I'm getting to drama. I think I may have to walk. Its like... four miles, or something. Ugh. and Its REALLY cold out, and the ground is wet because the snow is melting, and my converse will get all wet and cold u___U *Sighs*

..I'm not sure when I should leave the house. I'm considering, it takes me about fifteen minutes to walk half a mile to the Grocery store.. so fifteen times four.. Sixty minutes. Which means, I'll have to leave here in about a half hour. Greaaaaat. *sigh* THEN the stepthing might have a 'meeting' to go to, which means I'll have to, you know, wait for her to be done with that.

....HEAVEN forbid I should have any importance in their busy schedules.

.....I bet they don't even know I've got a concert tomorrow night. *Sighs* I'll have to leave a note for Dad, cuz I won't see him until tomorrow, I'm sure. I'll also have to leave off my PDA, which is broken. He needs to trade it in or summat. @__@

...Blah. I don't want to go to drama. I'd consider skipping if I didn't miss it last week.

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YAY a concert. I haven't been to one in..... never mind.

Good luck!!

~Shadows (aka Snowbunny)

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