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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Kay... so yeah.

Had an odd dream last night. It started out where I was like, this actress in this movie. BUT then, I was driving in a car like Kate's (Black VW Beetle) and it was like part of the movie. There was this woman who ran a berlesque house, and I had to go see her, but when I got there, there was this giant mountain of sand, that I had to climb up, but it was really hard, and it took me a long time to sift the sand and pack it down so I could get up.

When I DID get up, the lady told me I had to leave, that my mom was upstairs, but I couldn't go see her and I had to leave... so I went back to my car, and as I'm sitting there a party starts, and I see John Adam's driving down the road, and he's waving at me like a stupid retard, and pulls over so I can meet up with him (Ugh.)

..So, I back out, but for some reason I've got no fucking clue how to drive, and I overshoot and am like, ALL over the place. And for some reason, I'm only backing up. (I don't know why.) so, I back up WAY past where John was waiting, and then he drives after me, BUT cops are on his tail. Now, as I don't have my licence OR permit right now, this transferred to the dream, and I was like 'Oh shit I can't get caught!' so I start driving(Forewards this time), and they stop with John. I look in my rearview, and his car has vanished, and he's running down the road, and the cop is just sitting there. So, I back up, being the nice person I am, and try to help John escape. He falls down right next to my back door, and flails at it to try and get it open. The cop car has started up at this point, and is driving down the road. I'm yelling at the dipshit to hurry up and get in the fucking car, but he's still fumbling with the door handle.

So, the cop gets to my bumper, I say fuck it, and take off, leaving John in the snow.

Then I woke up. My sheets were all tangled, it kinda sucked.

Then, I fell back asleep and dreampt about RPing. Which was really kind of normal.

....So.. yeah. Anyone with any clue to weird-ass dreams have any idea what this means, other than, when John is in peril, I'll save my own ass before his?