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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Depression. State of mind, or state of drug induced woe?
five more seconds;
So... I'm not even feeling motivated enough to make Hestia a new picture.

...I would, except I don't see any point. I liked changing her picture all the time because she was RPed with a lot, and people would see the pictures, and it would be cool. But now, she doesn't get RPed with at all. My most active character, is starting to collect dust. The fucking PRIESTESS is seeing more play then Hestia. I would MUCH rather play a character who has SO much personality and SO much stuff that I've thought on and planned out, than the little niave girl who's so in love with her 'Lady' and her fucking Religion, what with the blindness and the STUPIDITY. ARGH.

..I like my characters at Checkmate, REALLY I do. I enjoy playing them. But I like my M&M characters more.

I've seen one of my old favorite characters die. The Digimon fanatic. Her name was Nene. She was slightly Mary Sue, but I loved her. And it worked because everyone in the RP were Mary Sues, really. I can document when she died, in my sketchbooks. I used to draw her ALL the time. But the RP started to decline, and my interest in her character went with it. She started to be drawn less, and other things more. Now, I haven't played Nene in nearly a year since the RP died.

I don't want Hestia to become Nene. I will reincarnate her elsewhere if I have to, okay? I will join that FUCKING screwed up other RP if I have to. Just to try and keep Hestia's character alive. Sure, she won't be exactly the same, because she won't be part of House Jones, she won't have Ara and Merci, and Aramis, but what the hell? It'll still be her, at least a little.

....Seriously. People. Fuck the funk. Watch the fucking Trailer fourteen times until the funk passes. Go pick up the goddamn books again, read them over. We used to have fun. We still have fun but SOME of you haven't even bothered showing up in the chatroom. Look. World Broadcasting System Go there. Register an account. Change your preferances to Frames. Type 'Hogwarts' into the Private Realm box. ENTER. Remake your characters handles.

Figgy did what she could finding us a new place. WBS isn't the greatest alternative, but its what they found. Its buggy. My Mac thinks it formats in italics. As a result, three of my characters who speak French and German respectivly, I've got no idea if when they're talking to people if the other person says something to them in that language, or in English.
And Streaming doesn't work right now. Well, we moved there, and that should be that. we need to stick with WBS. Because it sucks making all those handles all over again. And we could make it work if more of the members would stick their fucking heads in on occasion.

I understand with some people who are busy. Yes, sure, fine. But Figgy's got a good plot brewing, and people who are off doing other things, and don't even BOTHER with M&M now, are going to miss that. And there are going to be five people trying to RP out an entire fucking war. We can make it work, it would just be a lot easier if someone besides the mods and not even a handful of regular RPers would bother to stop in every once in a while.

Look. I don't have the power to point fingers, spank the kidlits and tell them to be active. But I do have the bitchy member powers. I have been VERY good with the bitchy member powers since I started RPing. I have a problem. I am pissed off. I am addressing it. I don't have a problem with the RP or the Mods, I have a problem with the lack of even PARTIAL dedication that the majority of the members have. If I have to, I'm going to start nagging people who poked their heads in once in a blue moon to get their asses over to WBS and RP. I have partial plots with people. I'm going to prod Johnny and Glory, to name a few, I'm sure. I've actually already poked Johnny once, but I'll poke him again. Glory, I'll just have to poke. I've poked Kait.

Anyone else that anyone can think of that needs poking? Please. Leave a comment. I will make it my duty to get on their ass. Free of charge. I do this for fun. Because, Before I was Understudy Girl *Shiny Light!* I was Bitchy Girl With Problems. (...Which I was actually called by someone who was a victim of my bitching. I thought it was funny.)

I feel slightly better. I got my weekly bitching out ahead of schedule. Go me. ¬¬

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I'm trying my best, Varis. You know I am. We'll poke and poke and don't worry about it. Don't join other fucked up games, and don't worry. People WILL get over the funk, because we're killing off mad NPCs!

... well, ok. That might not help, but it WILL. We have plot, we're FUCKING canon, and it'll be AWESOME.

Maybe it's not the Garden Of Eden. But it's a lot fucking better than just dying.

I personally think large amounts of doom and destruction should draw people back like crazy. I mean, its plot. Its good plot, and it's fun plot for the masochists.

...It has emo possibilities too, for the Emo Kid in me. See? Everyone is happy. Susan and Parvati will be so very Emo, Rade will be so very Masochist. (...Like she wasn't already. ¬¬)


Keep in mind though that a lot of people are just going at their own pace right now. It's not good to harp on it, we have a good crowd right now. Last night proves it, you know?

Don't worry about it. We're already leagues ahead of where we were.

*Raises hand* I might have to be poked several times. *Sweatdrop*

*Gets out the sporks* ¬¬

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