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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
..Or not. So yeah. Went to doc's. Am doing fine, because cysts are draining. Which means Varis is bleeding on and off, and it isn't fun. Although, sitting is easier.

Also, didn't go to school today. Three days missed school. Whoo Hoo! o__O Going to have to do lots of makeup today though, so that I can be online tonight before lateish. Because if I get on late, all my usual RP partners are snagged, and they don't love me enough to multi-multi task.

I should be able to though. Three days of Algebra, Three days of Consumer math... the CM will take me about an hour to do it all... and the Algebra maybe an hour and a half... then a whole bunch of really stupid and pointless grammar excersizes for English, and those will take me about twenty minutes... so if I start at 3:30 (When my stepmom gets home with my work) I should be able to get online at about... Seven. Or eight. Depending on when we eat dinner. So yesh.

..And I can do my Health thingies while online. Multi-task. Wheee... @__@