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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
So, entertained myself with RP for a long while with Mihr, that was fun. Got all the stuffies on Domino written up, that was fun. Butt still ow. Thats not fun.

....Have Math homework to finish, I think. Not fun.

.....Read English. That's good.

.......Have Hogwarts muses. Not fun. As they're just going unanswered now. Eternally. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.

........Moment of Badvibe Varis. Its over now. @__@ I'm just getting a serious lack of RPage, and its all WBS and the effing Frames shite's fault.

............I've said that I hate WBS, right? I understand why we're there, and that stuff takes time, but no one ever said I had to like it. I like the formatty junk with the HTML and whatnot. Thats cool. I hate frames. I know I'm not the only one who hates frames, because if I was I think I might see a FEW more people who I usually see lurking through the course of a day in there, but I don't on the now-rare occasion when I peek in.

...Hi. This is Varis. Beating the Dead horse. Again.

So yeah. Resigned myself to looking in maybe once a day, and the rest of the time its the 'if you need me, ping.' I'd like to NOT say that the RP is dying because we had to switch from IMC to WBS, but it really looks like that's how its going. Either that, or we're all going through a simltanious dry spell which will only be cured by the release of POA. That could be it too.

...Badvibe Varis came back. May have to go get Care Bear to help cheer self up. Or stare at Gary Oldman on T-shirt upside down.. Mmmm.... Gary... *Things start to look better.*

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I don't know what to do.

We can't go to IMC. We don't have a choice with that. And WBS has issues, I know. And you're right about the dry spell, because I think everyone is having one.

But I won't let this RP die just because of some bint issues that we had that weren't even that bad. POA will help I think. Plus as soon as Dany comes back from her Con next week, I'm going to hit her Harry with everything I've GOT as an ST.

We're no dying. Not a chance., because I won't let it.

I'm not going to say it isn't going to happen, but we've pushed plots back before because of stuff.

I'm seriously thinking that you, Laurie, and I need to get together and brainstorm where Voldemort is heading in definate stone. He's been doing NOTHING since the Azkaban breakout, and from OotP it seemed like people in the Order were constantly dying because they were trailing deatheaters and whatnot. Its morbid to say not enough people have died, but yeah. That's what I'm saying. I know you're working on something, but there could be more than just that too. Ongoing things, so that people don't lose interest.

Actually, I have a little ethnic clensing job, if he'd be interested?! *ebil grin* Cause there's a whole lot of NPC muggle parents that need a bit of dying, don't you sthink?

*Shiny!Evil eyes* Mmmm..... mass murder..... *Giddy*

... you're a sick, sick girlie, you dorkchop.

..Yes, but that's why everyone loves me. I think.

.....Maybe everyone doesn't love me, and I'm just delusional and insane.... oh dear. *o___o*


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