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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
...I'm about to kill Trillan.

Apparently, now it is incapable of working properly, and makes my computer stutter every ten seconds. This makes it most difficult to move my mouse around, because its jerky in movement. I can't use the new AIM, because that takes up memory that the computer doesn't know it has, so it squeezes all the program into this tiny bit of allotted memory, and I've got NO idea how to expand it, so it crashes within minutes. GRRR!!!!!

...In other news, I think I bruised my tailbone, because it hurts like a sonuvabitch.

....And Hestia has a new image now. Cuz its Friday. Its springy! Kinda. Ish. People need to play with her. She wants to be played with!

...So do all my other neglected characters. *Woe* Some people are very not happy with me for their lack of playage.


....you know how bored I was today? I watched every extended thingy on the TTT DVDs. I mean... sure, the stuff where they're talking about making the movies are funny, but the slide shows.. Blaaah. I made it through the Eowyn one, and the Faramir one, and I was like '....No more. No more.' @____@

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Try the trial version of FreeMem. It's helped my computer a lot. ...Even though mine's still almost as bad as yours.

And Hestia needs to be played with? Um... Um... NOT GOING TO TOUCH IT!

If I can find it, I will whore it with all my might. Trillan finally got to the point I can't deal with it, but AIM I can have a max of one box open that isn't a chat at a time if I'm browsing the 'net too.. *Sighs* For some reason, chats work fine. Its just the IMs that get screwy.

....And Hestia's going to kill you. Just so you know ahead of time. Next time she sees the Bradmun, Sword+Brad's Neck = Dead.

....She actually said that too, which is SCARY.

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