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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
@___@ I feel so very icky still. Just took a hit of Zicam, should kick in soon and allow me to breathe for the rest of the night. That'll decrease ickyness a bit, but there's still the matter of general 'blah' factor.

.....I'd really like to RP tonight, but the C's who are awake, are staying well away from me. They're afraid to catch disease. Even though... unless I Write specifically in RP that they catch a cold or have allergies or something, they have no reason to fear.

......I think I should start making Characters suffer like I have to.. *Cracks knuckles* Who to start with.... MWAHAHAHAH!

Characters: "................." *....All look at each other* "....Anyone want some Abused Characters? We will work for room and board!"

¬¬ Rebellious characters. Pff. I should give all of you colds. Just to be difficult.

...or give you allergies in really obscure every-day things that people wouldn't think of... *Mwaaaahahaha* Like.. allergic to Carnations. Or Roses. Perpetually doomed to be stuffed up whenever a boy who fancies you delivers flowers.

...Make guys allergic to certain ingredients in perfumes and lotions...

......I can SO make my characters suffer in ways only muns have. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

...So... yeah.

..My head hurts. And the stuff has kicked in. I will stay up for another hour, go shower, and go to BED. @__@ As much as I like talking to people until midnight, tomorrow is Friday, you can all have me then. I want sleep tonight.

...And, in finilization, my character in the spring play? She's like.. Russian. XD And speaks broken English. I get to speak broken English and be obsessed with Sandwiches! Whoo-hoo!

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Hahaha. Reminds me of my friend's character who he made deathly allergic to flowers of ny kind just for fun. He must have had a ring of Auto-life, or something. o.O

..Well... nothing so drastic. XD But snifflies at the least. Coughing. Fun stuff. ¬¬

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