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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I think, the five stages of grief apply here.. o__O
five more seconds;
...I think I've finally reached 'acceptance.'

No, no one has died, but you all may recall me going into nuclear meltdown when I discovered David Wenham played everyone's favorite Drag Queen, Audrey. XD Well, I watched Moulin Rouge today, for the first time since I discovered this.

..I'm not saying that I LIKE it... but I didn't totally freak out and go 'AAAAH!!!!' this time. I just sort of was like 'well... its David. Its distinguishable as David.. even if it doesn't sound very much like him.'

And I can recognize the fact that he is a VERY talented person. I mean, not many straight men could pull off that role,(In all its short screen-time) and be able to go on to something else without being like 'OMG!!!! EEEW!' the rest of their lives. Or getting sucked perpetually into that kind of role. XD

...And he really does a flamboyant Drama Queen well. Which is scary, and applaudable.

Okay. Now that that is out of the way, I got into the Spring production of The Mouse that Roared! Whee! I'm playing the housekeeper of this nutty professor-type. XD I'm not sure if its a speaking role or a backdrop role as of yet, but I'll find that out tomorrow.


Oh, and I got the Piece! I am now the proud owner of a Black Pawn! Whoo-hoo! I'm Pregaming with Mihr right now. Basically, Gabrielle is making her enterance into Chess, and in Pregame, she hasn't technically joined the war effort yet. She's just a drifter right now. Whee!

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That seriously made me pee my pants laughing. Shit.

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