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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I am a leaf on the wind, watch me baa;
five more seconds;
Okay, so I haven't done this since... WAAAY back before Oliver had even decided on where he was going.


I'm gonna do it, following in Dotty's example.

How's My Driving?

honest critique as to how I'm playing my Original Characters (In addition to any and all of my Canons from the canon games I'm in) would be greatly appreciated ;')

OC's are:


Oliver Malcolm @ seun
Victoria Reynolds @ papermagic
Ba Lin Yao @ bousek
Cecilia Leone @ traceyourheart


Leila @ balancingdark
Noxi @ brightestnight


Oliver Malcolm @ falseregret
Victoria Reynolds @ papergirl
Noxi Aurella @ shestillshines
Rebecca Cooper @ brandmysoul

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Ol makes me chuckle, grin, and be consistently amazed that someone can come off as cocky and self-assured as he does without being aggrandizingly overblown.

Ria made me :D for a very long time, and now she's making me D: all over the place, and neither one of those statements is referring to any change in her quality of writing - but in how effective she's been at tugging my heartstrings.

I can't speak as surely about Lin or Cecilia, but I can say for sure that I don't think I've ever had a reason to think they're OOC or too weird to be possible. That's just my natural tendency to bias my attention towards London, NYC, and Cairo talking there, though, so it's nothing against their characters.

I'm glad to hear that, because sometimes I'm a little afraid of over or underplaying his ego, and while he's grown as a person significantly, he's still an asshole at his core. XD

And you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear people tell me that Ria made them cry, or made them make sad faces. It's ALWAYS been one of my tests as to how my writing is, is if I get a physical emotional reaction out of my reading audience. If I write something that's heartwrenching for me? I want that to be conveyed. Because if I do it badly, it'll just be like 'oh, no. she's sad. NEXT?'

Even though Ria DOESN'T really talk much about her issues I'd like to see her open up a bit more (if that is AT ALL possible, y'know).

I have no real crit for any of the others D:

She doesn't really want to burden anyone else with her emotions. XD I think that's why she never admitted her crush on Elian outloud or to herself. Unless they get up in her face and pry it out of her, she'll just try to pretend like she's stronger than she feels.


I tried to come up with honest critique instead of just going "AWESOME YAY :D", I really did, but my attempt at critique mostly comes down to wanting to see more of them, because I suck.

she is so not social, so it is hard to get her to post. I mean, I CAN? But it feels like it's going against her character to even USE the community.

I am Jonesing for an Oliver/Tinka log so bad.

And I love Rebecca but would really like to see more of her.

We srsly need to do one. XD

Yeah, I keep forgetting I have her. ^^;


I love Oliver, you know I do. I don't think I really have to say much more than that after my lame come-ons on him either 8)



Yeah, Oliver is still going 'o___O' from that. XD


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