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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Well, Walking home in the cold + Listening to Muse = Varis's brain go worky.

...XD Actually, I hammered out some of the details of various character's sub-plotlines which have been floaty for a while.

Lauriekins> One of those characters is Eycalane. Some of the stuff I've hammered would probably be things Sebastian, or even Sho would be privy to, so at some point I need to ramble at you. Maybe you can help me hammer out some of the still-grey areas. XD

The others I pondered on things that no one other than them would probably know, so yeah. Mwahah.

And I'm tired. and sick. But I refuse to go to bed until after Queer Eye.

....Maybe I could take a nap before? Hmm.... *Thinks on that.* Maybe.

..So yes. *Goes to think more on stuff. Thinking lots today!*

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YAY! hehe. We talk soon!

MWAAAAAAHAHAHA! PLOTTY! *Coughcoughcough* ...Yeah. Well. Its not like its anything doomy. But yes. Will talk to you when you're back on your Knitting name. XD

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