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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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*Hack cough wheeze DIE!*
five more seconds;
...So, coughing up a lung= NOT FUN.

Doing LOADS of math because I'm a slacker and the quarter ends in two weeks = NOT fun.

..Watching movies while doing said math? = Fun if you know what to look for!

...Mwaaaaaahahahhaa. Two of my boys were on TV today. Was so very happy.

So, first I was flipping through the channels for something boring to watch while I was working on my homework, so that I'd concentrate more on the homework than the movies. I saw Crocodile Hunter was on, and I was like '...Is that the movie David Wenham was in?' I flipped to it, and saw it was that Steve Erwin guy, and I was like '...Naw. He was in Crocodil Dundee? I think?' BUT THEN! Two seconds after I said that, he was all on the screen and stuff. So I was like 'YAY!' but it was the last ten minutes of the movie and I only saw him that one time. So then I flipped to one of the many many Cinamax channels we have, and watched Mission : Impossible. Because, Tom Cruise. Yay Boy #2!

....But, Crocodile Hunter was on later, so I watched it through that time. XD

I have to say, even though David's character was uberly minor, and only had like, brief screen-time, he was SO incredibly wonderful when he was on. I mean, everyone else in the movie was like swear-y and mean and stuff (Other than the Steve Erwin guy and his wife, of course) and David's character was all nice and stuff too. Instead of saying badwords, he kept saying 'Oh Sugar' XD Its just... really funny. He looks good all clean-shaven too o___O I've seen pictures where he didn't look so hot, but in that movie, it was nummies.

....As for M:I I've never actually seen the whole thing through, so that was new. XD Last time I only saw the first twenty minutes. I was about ten, so the part when the girl got stabbed freaked me out a whole lot, and I proceeded to fall asleep until the movie was over.

...Seriously. Its my defense mechanisim. When I get scared, I go to sleep. I dunno why, but I do.

...XD so, yeah. Fun times.