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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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*Thinking cap on!*
five more seconds;
Well... Today was interesting.

Um.. lets see. I did, nothing much. Got Cadbury chocolate, which was good, and we went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch.

...Church mostly. I did play Drakengard for a while. I think I've almost finished the game, but I died before I could get to the High Priestess Manah, so.. yeah. I need to go do side missions and level up a weeeee bit =/ When I use up all my 'call a friend' bits and still have loads of shit to do, I'm totally screwed. But yeah. I've discovered that having a helping hand in battle ROCKS. I can call out Arioch, she can waste several people with her Fire and Water Magic as well as that nifty scythe thingie she fights with, and then she goes away, I can struggle a few rounds with Caim, and then call her again once it looks like he's getting his ass kicked.

Anyway. I'm still waiting on that Remus application, to see if they loved it or hated it. >.>;;;

And I created a character for the PR: Checkmate. XD I used Arioch as the picture, but 1. Character isn't an elf, 2. Character isn't INSANE 3. Character doesn't kill children 4. Character is a Merc.

...I recycled my old SeeD character handle. Because I'll probably never use her again, as much as I'd love to. T__T I really liked playing Zen the Balamb SeeD Merc... *Sighs* Aaaah well.

...Geez. I have a lot of Mercs.... XD

...So.. yeah. Nothing to do tonight. Read most of Mayor of Casterbridge. Maaan. I *HEART* this book. Its really pretty good. WAY WAY better than Wurthering Heights in my opinion.

...I really didn't like that book. Partially because everyone kept telling me I would like it. Okay, why? I HATE cheezy romance novels. That book is like the first EVER cheezy romance novel. WHY would they think I'd like it? Because there's ghosties? Scandal? Pff. No. Its just SO predictable. I mean, I KNEW Catherine and Hindley's son(..Can't remember his name atm..) would get together at the end. It was SO obvious. My GOD.

I mean, in Mayor of Casterbridge right now I'm doubting stuff. Actually doubting it! The pairing I was so sure of is being shoved aside with the introduction of a new character! Buuuuuut, unless Hardy is a REAL arm twister, I can still figure out the outcome. >.> I call it like I see it.

...Okay. Enough of that today. >.>;;;