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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Well Fuck.
five more seconds;
....You know what? I'm about ready to stop beating this dead horse.

I'm trying. I really fucking am. But sometimes, it just seems SO fucking pointless.

Argh. I'm not even tired, but as there's no one online apparently, or my IMs are just being ignored by everyone, I'm going the fuck to bed.

Yes, thank you all. The bad mood shared by everyone else which I was determined to not let spread to me, has. I'd say fuck you all if I were just a LITTLE bit more goth. Instead I'm going to settle with 'When the world stops sucking, give me a call.'

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The world has stopped sucking. Here's a call?

...I actually wasn't planning on coming back online tonight. Figgy must have telepathy-post.

Figgy is psycho!

*Figgy also watched too many Rugrats*

Figgy misses Varis.

Varis misses Figgy?

Yesh. Varish Missesh Figgy. Varish ish coming onto aim now.

I would, but I don't know your number?

By the way, the sheer collection of H/Hr icons you've amassed scares my inner child.

*Cackles* I've got even more on my HD. But I've got some R/Hr too, so don't despair. XD

You don't seem to understand. Het hurts my soul.

Well, that's not true. I like Harry/Luna, Ron/Pansy, and Tom/Pansy. I'll read those.

I rephrase. Hermione/ANYONE hurts my soul.

Poor Hermione. What did she ever do to you?

...I still don't understand your thing with Harry/Luna. I still find that creepy. Ron/Luna makes more sense to men than Harry/Luna will. EVER. I suppose its the same thing with your Hermione issues. XD You and Rachel. And Caity B... You all plot against the brainy one.

She existed. XD Brains are just fine and all, but when a person throws their brains in people's face it just makes them seem like an insufferable know-it-all. Besides, she beats up on poor Ron all the time. (But I especially can't stand Harry/Hermione because it's horribly contrived and cliche, not to mention Hermione acts more like a mother or sister-figure to Harry than anything else--also, I think Harry sees her as one of the guys).

And where Ron/Luna makes sense to a lot of people, because of the way Luna keeps talking to Ron (it's obvious she's got a crush on him), Ron doesn't take Luna seriously at all. On the flipside, Harry identifies with her--they've both been ostracised by society, they've both witnessed death... they can understand one-another. Way more connection than Ron will ever have. But, if I had my way, Harry would walk out of these books single and without any romantic attatchment. :D

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