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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I am a leaf on the wind, watch me crosspost;
five more seconds;
This is all just word-for-word what I just posted in fst, BUT I figured since some of you aren't in fst I'd post it here too! :3 Enjoy, and comment if you take anything for the love of crackers.

This is for momijizukamori, who requested 'Anything Resident Evil.' and said we got bonus points for Leon songs.

I figured, I can take all the bonus points I can get, SO. I have created an entire FST centered around our loveable cop-turned-seekrit agentman!

Hello, let me introduce you to

In 1999 we were introduced to the second installment of the Resident Evil/Biohazard saga we all know and love today. Rather than continuing to follow the heroes of the previous game, we met two entirely new characters. A rookie policeman named Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield's little sister, Claire. At the beginning of the game you could choose to play out scenarios from one of the two survivors, and once you completed that, you would unlock an alternate 'B' game for the opposite character.
Anyway. Not to go into thousands of boring details and make people fall asleep...
The gist of it was, Claire and Leon run through the zombie-infested city towards the police station. Both have little ammo, and little clue as to what's going on and what they might find waiting for them at the Police Station.

upon entering the station, they are both faced with a large empty building, full of threats beyond that of the living dead. the Tyrant, Mr X, a monster formerly known as William Birkin, and the deranged police chief, Brian Irons.

Through this, Leon meets a woman, named Ada. She pretty much won't give an inch, as far as Leon's attempts to protect her go. She runs off on her own several times - not because she's stupid and trying to get herself killed - but because there's more to her than Leon realizes. She's a spy, sent in by Albert Wesker to retrieve the G virus from Umbrella's underground labs, and she's trying her damnedest to ditch the persistent cop.

Eventually she relents, and they make their way through the sewers together, and find the entrance to the underground facilities, Claire not far behind, but separated just the same.

it's here that Leon discovers Ada's true intentions, revealed by Annette Birkin, moments before the woman's death. Despite Ada's evident betrayal, Leon still tries to save her, catching a hold of her before she plummets to her death over the side of the bridge their face off ended on. Ada, either sensing she'd be able to escape, or in a moment of compassion to the police officer, lets go of his hand, and falls into the darkness.

Leon, torn in two, flings the G Virus into the ravine after her, and turns to meet Claire at the bottom of the faculty, where their train waits.

They escape the city, along with a young girl named Sherry. The daughter of Annette and William.

Flash forward, five years later.

Government Agent Leon Scott Kennedy has taken up his first assignment, retrieving the President's daughter from hostiles.

He wasn't expecting to be greeted so warmly.

after narrowly avoiding getting his head removed several times, and a brief meeting with the village chief (which ended in him being thrown against Luis Seras, knocked unconscious, and injected with fun and exciting nastiness!) he was able to accomplish the first part of his goal. Retrieving Ashley Graham from the 'terrorists.'

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of his problems.

After their first helicopter was shot down, Ashley and Leon were forced to take refuge in a castle away from the hostile villagers, where they first met Ramon Salazar, resident midget and pain-in-the-neck.

Leon and Ashley were forced to endure the puzzles of the castle, while avoiding the Los Illuminados members. Separated for a brief time, Leon ran into an old acquaintance while he was searching for a way to free Ashley from the trap she got herself caught in. Ada Wong. He didn't seem quite as happy to see her as he may have been years ago, but that could have had something to do with the gun she had pointed at his head.

Eventually Leon found Ashley again, shortly after witnessing the death of Luis Seras as the man attempted to help Leon suppress the parasite growing inside him and the President's daughter.

However, following true Resident Evil fashion...they ended up separated again.

Leon had to chase the girl from the castle to an island military faculty, where he met further hideous experiments that deeply echoed the things he'd seen in Umbrella's labs, all those years ago. The parasite was enough to give him pause, this was sending internal alarms into overdrive.

And then, he ran into one of his former presumed-dead colleagues. Jack Krauser. 100% American-born badass, and Leon's equal in the art of knife-play. After a heated battle between the two, during which Krauser uttered the name 'Umbrella' Leon was once again aided by the mysterious Miss Wong, and Krauser fled.

Once Leon found Ashley again, it was only after a long fight through Militant Ganados, disgusting creatures, and a final face-off with Krauser, leaving the latter dead (Or so Leon thought). He was rewarded with the aid of a Helicopter pilot named Mike for a brief amount of time, but the trigger-happy new yorker's life was cut short by a well-aimed Rocket Launcher from one of Saddler's lackeys.

Leon and Ashley managed to escape Saddler with the help of Ada, who was left to fend for herself while the other two found the plagas extraction device and freed themselves from Saddler's control.

Leon then faced off with Saddler one last time, receiving aid from Ada in the form of a rocket launcher. However, yet again he was betrayed by the woman, and with gun pointed at his head handed over a sample of the plagas Saddler dropped in his demise. In exchange, Ada threw Leon the keys for her jet ski, after detonating the island's self-destruct mechanism.

Leon and Ashley just barely escaped, but they escaped all the same.

Cue corny line about overtime, roll credits.

Into the Dark - Juliana Theory [x]
I'd give you my hand if you'd reach out and grab it
Let's walk away from this hell

Leon enters Raccoon City, expecting trouble for being late his first day of work, and ends up finding something very different.

Haunted - Poe [x]
I need to get my bearings
I'm lost
And the shadows keep on changing

Running through the transformed streets of Raccoon, Leon can hardly believe how transformed the city's become. What's going on here?

Heroes - Shinedown [x]
All my heroes are dead and gone
But they're inside of me, they still live on

Leon arrives at the Police station, and stumbles across the horrifying realization that everyone is dead. The police he was so sure would be there to help and take control of the situation were gone, leaving this rookie to fend for himself, and anyone else who may have survived.

So Cold - Breaking Benjamin [x]
Show me how it ends it's alright
Show me how defenseless you really are

Ada Wong enters his life, promptly turning him up on his head. She's cold and aloof towards him for quite some time, although he's confidant there's more to her story than what she's telling him.

Under a Killing Moon - Thrice [x]
They said "breathe deeply son
Or be the next to die"

It's kill or be killed in the police station, especially after Ben Burtolucci meets his unfortunate end, due to the monster G forcing an embryo down his throat. Leon radios Claire and tells her they need to get the hell out.

Last Escape - Sinergy [x]
Headed towards chaos,
armageddon closing in
in search for clues that lead to
solve this mystery

Leon and Ada make their escape into the sewers. All the while, the question nagging Leon's mind is 'How could this have happened? Who's behind this?'

Crawling in the Dark - Hoobastank [x]
I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer
Is there something more than what i've been handed?

The trek through the sewers isn't exactly pleasant. Dark, disgusting, and plagued with more puzzles. What's up with Raccoon and its puzzles?

No One - Cold [x]
I'm all alone
No one was sent to get me

After Leon is shot by Annette, protecting Ada, the latter takes off after the former, leaving Leon alone. Claire happens along and helps him, but he sends her off too, blacking out for an unknown amount of time. Alone. (Seriously, someone should've been nice and kept him company. He could have been eaten!)

Laid to Rest - Sinergy [x]
my heart is shattering in two
please don't leave me here to live alone

Rocks fall, everyone dies. Despite Leon's efforts, Ada falls to her death. He is overcome with grief, and surely considers giving up for a brief moment.

We Are - Ana [x]
You wash your hands and come out clean
Fail to recognise the enemies within

It's time to finish this. Ada's gone, but there's still Claire and Sherry. It's time to break away from the problems, take control of the situation and get the hell out.

Apocolypse Please - Muse [x]
and this is the end
this is the end of the world

Escaping isn't exactly easy. There's still Birkin to deal with, and the resulting explosions of...everything. It's quite apocalyptic, really.

Ode to the Sun - Dredg [x]
Its gone from Light to grey
Gonna move those clouds away
Letting the sun shine through
In this Ode to you

It's not over, no. This is just the beginning. They have to fight. Avenge those who were lost. And that has to start with Claire finding her brother, so Leon urges her on, promising to care for Sherry.

(And here, I add quotes from the game, because it's so VERY quotable. :P)

"1998...I'll never forget it."
I'm Still Here - John Rzeznik [x]
And how can you say I'll never change
They're the ones that stay the same
I'm the one now
'Cause I'm still here

[Reflective] Most of the 'team' has moved on in different ways, but somehow Leon is still the one getting stuck in messes that should have been extinguished along with Umbrella's supposed liquidation.

"I'm sure you boys didn't just tag along so we could sing Kumbayah together at some Boy Scouts bonfire. Then again, maybe you did."
Bother - Corey Taylor [x]
Wish I was too dead to care
If indeed i cared at all

[Reflective] In a lot of ways, Leon is very different from the man we knew in Raccoon City. Beyond the physical changes, he's in a sense, a lot more bitter and cynical than the rookie cop.

"Great. A chainsaw."
Over My Head - Lit [x]
They say it's over but man I'm still here livin
I don't know what to do, I think that maybe
I'm in over my head

Everyone in the village of Pueblo seems bent on making Leon dead. Well. Crap.

"Used to be cop myself. Only for a day though."
"I thought I was bad."

Shed Some Light - Shinedown [x]
I'm still getting over who I was
There's no sense of trust, there's no definition of love

[doubles as an image song!] As Leon makes his way through the village, looking for the missing Ashley, he's finding it very difficult to come to terms with exactly what's going on around here.

"Los Illuminados? That's a mouthful."
They - Jem [x]
Who are they
And where are they

Who is this mysterious group that seems to have control of the area? And what did the village chief mean by 'same blood?'

"They must not get many visitors cuz they're giving me one hell of a welcome."
Going Down In Flames - 3 Doors Down [x]
Don’t tell me how this game ends
Cause we’ll just see how it goes

Cramming a chunk of the game together, here we have from releasing Ashley to the castle. There's a lot of rapid-pace fighting and running and general burning involved. There's really not a lot of time for Leon to think during this whole time, what with being chased by Ganados, fighting Mendez, and the joys of El Gigante.

"Sorry, but following a lady's lead just isn't my style."
Vermilion - Slipknot [x]
I'm a slave, and I am a master
No restraints and, unchecked collectors
I exist through my need, to self oblige
She is something in me, that I despise

It's been a while, Ada. But you certainly haven't changed.

"Stay with me, Luis."
Rain - Yoko Kanno [x]
I don't feel a thing
and I stopped remembering
The days are just like moments turned to hours

Despite Luis Seras' efforts to help Leon and Ashley, he dies, and Leon swears to avenge him and the countless others that Saddler has undeniably killed.

"I don't ever remember being a part of your crappy script."
I Dare You - Shinedown [x]
Hello, let me introduce you to
The characters in the show
One says yes, one says no

One may notice that there's a lot of talk of plays and scripts and characters in this game. Leon won't have a part of any of it. He doesn't want to be just another character in some crappy screenplay.

"What is it that you fight for, comrade?"
"My past, I suppose."

We Are Mice - Azure Ray [x]
It's all in the eyes
The reckless way we dream to die
Our past is our future
The present lies

As much as Leon would like to think he's in control of this whole situation, he's still the one invading unknown territory, and Saddler isn't exactly making it easy for him.

"A psycho like you can't bring order or balance."
Headstrong - Trapt [x]
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong

Leon faces off against his old comrade, Krauser, twice. The first time, he narrowly escapes with his life, the second time, Krauser is the unlucky one.

"I'm taking Ashley back, whether you like it or not."
Hero - Chad Kroeger [x]
And they say that a hero can save us.
I'm not gonna stand here and wait.

I apologise for using this song, since I know it's overused as hell for hero characters, but since I was trying to avoid the outplayed (HI, I SO COULD'VE USED EVANESCENCE LIKE SIX TIMES IN THIS FST, KTHX.) songs, I figured I could slip with one. This is. Leon. Rescuing Ashley. Again. And again. And again. The girl is worse than Sherry in the abduction department, seriously. This is also reasonably appropriate for Leon blowing Saddler to bits.

"Gotta go. If I were you, I'd get off this island too."
"She really pushed it!"

Cold Hard Bitch - Jet [x]
Cold hard bitch
Just a kiss on the lips
And I was on my knees

Who didn't see this coming? Ada, after offering a great amount of assistance to our hero, crosses him once again, taking possession of the plagas and detonating the island. -- not before throwing Leon the cute teddy bear keys to her jet ski though, of course.

"Come on. Let's go home."
Blue - Yoko Kanno [x]
Never seen a blue sky
Yeah I can feel it reaching out
And moving closer
There's something about blue

They made it. To the end. Alive. In one piece. Now they can go home, and face the next terrors that are surely on the horizon. Resident Evil 5 has to have a plot, after all.

This is a four-song addition, one song that I couldn't justifiably fit anywhere into the CD without hitting myself and generally feeling shameful, and three 'Shippy' songs. This would be... for the three most supported relationships I've seen for Leon as far as fanfiction goes. Leon/Claire, Leon/Ada, and Leon/Ashley. Now, I'm sure I could've gone into all the minor obscure ones, the slash, and the ones that just confuse me (Yes, I had a Zombie/Leon song in consideration. Shoot me, plz.) but then I'd have a third full-length disc, and this is just supposed to be me giving into fanny retardations. So I forced myself to pick one song that supported each pairing, plus the song that makes me giggle.

And we got this.

Secret Agent Man - Blues Traveller [x]
Theres a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets, he stays a stranger
With every move he makes
Another chance he takes
Odds are he wont live to see tomorrow

Do I really even NEED to explain this one?

Cry - James Blunt [x]
I have seen birth. I have seen death.
Lived to see a lover's final breath.
Do you see my guilt? Should I feel fright?
Is the fire of hesitation burning bright?
And if you want to talk about it once again,
On you I depend. I'll cry on your shoulder.
You're a friend.

[Claire/Leon] This is actually my personal and pet ship. It's been really hard for me to write this entire FST impartial to it, since my entire brain goes partial TO it. If I fucked that up bad, I'm real sorry, feel free to whip me. XD Anyway. This song is about the relationship between two friends who could likely become more, because of the pain they've shared in their lives. This is what I see Leon and Claire to be.

Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects [x]
Who has to know
When we live such fragile lives
It's the best way we survive
I go around a time or two
Just to waste my time with you

[Leon/Ashley] I'm one of the (few, I guess?) people who doesn't ship this at all from a more than one-sided standpoint, due to several reasons. HOWEVER, if anything WERE to develop between the two, it would be something that would have to be tightly guarded, since he's supposed to be protecting her and maintaining a level of professionalism. Plus, she's 7 years younger than him. In some circles, people consider that a little creepy.

Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly - HIM [x]
Come on, and show them your love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul, my love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul

[Ada/Leon] I felt it only appropriate to include a song with lyrics about butterflies, considering Ada's callsign. Of course, don't let the title fool you. this is a HIM song, which means it's about love. Love tainted with tragedy and mistrust, usually. They like their depressing lyrics. This is actually a REALLY good song, and I think it fits the relationship between the two considerably well. It's adult, but with some sort of childish feel to it, at times. (The fact that Ada keeps taking away Leon's toys? Yeah ): )

Thank you so much for enduring my weirdness, my inability to form a sentence, and so on. I'd REALLY appreciate it if you'd comment when you download, just so I know where my bandwidth is going, since I'm actually not 100% certain how much Let Me Live can take as far as bandwidth abuse, yet. XD

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I had to. She falls and dies.

There was nothing for me to do other than make a crack about everyone dying. e___e

and I figured that's how most of ya'll would look at this. 'OH LOOK FREE MUSIC YAY~'

You people don't get the Zip, since I know most of you have chunks of that shit, since most of my Flist is where I got all that music. XD

Good call. XD I was looking at it all going, "yeah, have it, have it, ooh don't have that..."

And I did read some of it, considering I keep seeing you fangirl it, and watching my friends play it, so. 8D

Yay for reading it! XD

I'm the worst narrator ever though. I'm like 'UH, I FORGOT WHAT GOES ON HERE, SO I SKIPPED A LOT NOW.' and I'm pretty sure that I made a few things up. XD I was also a little meaner to Ada than I should have been, but that's not anything new.

I read the whole thing. And will probably end up snagging all the music, 'cause I have none of it.

I like RE, I just can't play it myself due to the scariness factor.

Zombie/Leon? hahaha.

I might take some of this. Not all of it, because I am dial-up's bitch, but some of the songs sound interesting.

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